Metis / Invisible Institute Hackathon


In order to attend, please sign up using our Eventbrite ( link.

Join us for a day-long hackathon where we explore data science models and D3 visualizations to help the efforts of the Citizens Police Data Project. This is donation-based event, where all proceeds will go to Invisible Institute/CPDP. All attendees will receive a newsprint copy of "The Code of Silence (," Intercept's 4-part series on the Chicago Police Department.

Metis for Good is teaming up with Invisible Institute ( to assist with the Citizens Police Data Project ( (CPDP). Designed to serve as a national model of transparency and accountability for police actions, the Citizens Police Data Project is a product of a decade-long collaboration with the University of Chicago Law School’s Mandel Legal Aid Clinic to release misconduct complaint records for more than 8,500 Chicago police officers.

Invisible Institute and the CPDP have been featured ( FiveThirtyEight, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, the New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Guardian.

We will be working on projects in three broad areas. Some of the topics we are considering:

1) Data Visualization: Using d3, Gephi, and any other visualization tools, create a compelling and informative story.

2) Data Science: Create a propagation model to understand the impact of reassigning police officers. Use network and graph analysis to determine co-offenders and influence groups.

3) Data Engineering: Add functionality to ResponseBot, CPDP's chatbot.