Python and Machine Learning Seminar

Metis: Singapore Data Science
Metis: Singapore Data Science
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
4:00 PM

Every week on Wednesday until February 26, 2020

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Today, data science has become the core of modern businesses. Despite that, not everyone knows how to leverage it and what it is needed for to drive the vision of the business. There is a roadmap that organisations and businesses must follow before they can consider incorporating advanced techniques into the core business. Three core elements of data science are Python, Analytics and Machine Learning.

This seminar allows participants to understand how Python and Machine Learning can be leveraged in the context of individual businesses and organisations to add business value by performing predictive analytics, automating processes and deriving business insights from data more effectively. These tools and techniques will be introduced through various business cases and examples.


• What data science is all about

• Introduction to Python as a tool for Data Science

• What is Machine Learning?

• Business cases of Python and Machine Learning and its impact

• The future of Machine Learning

There are no pre-requisites for this seminar. Anyone interested in learning Python and Machine Learning can attend.

Limited seats available. While admission is complimentary, please note that it is mandatory for you to register for your seat here: