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Our goal shall be to broaden our members knowledge of all things related to the digital photography process. Our intent is to grow our member's photographic skills - from beginner to professional while maintaining a sharing, friendly and fun environment. We openly welcome photographers of all skill levels, join us to increase and/or share your photographic skills & experience.

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Monthly Photo Assignment: Winter in B&W (This is NOT a meetup)

All, I may have confused some people in my last assignment as my goal here is to have something we can focus on every month without it necessarily being a meetup. ie: My monthly Photo Assignment One of the great things about winter is the wide range of white to black contrasts especially with snow. These contrasts also bring feelings of isolation, cold, stillness etc. that are greatly enhanced when the image is presented in black & white. So our photo assignment will be to take a shot in color then convert it to black & white. The goal here is to start to visualize the absence of color and beginning focusing on contrasts. NOTE: Submit 2-3 images are due by 3/31. I will also provide critiques. Have fun expanding your photo eye and hope you enjoy this assignment. Here are a few photo tips: Black and White Photography Tip #1: Shoot in RAW. Many times when I shoot for black and white, the photo just doesn't turn out right when I finally review it on the computer. By shooting in RAW, you'll be able to change your mind later if the photo wasn't as great in black and white as you'd hoped. Black and White Photography Tip #2: Give your photo some Silver Effex. Silver Efex Pro 2 (from NIK Now DxO) is a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin that does one thing–make black and white photos look incredible. Black and whites look absolutely stunning in Silver Effex Pro 2. Check it out here. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/download/ Black and White Photography Tip #3: To visualize in black and white, only pay attention to lines, shadows, and shapes. This trick is very helpful to aid photographers in pre-visualizing a black and white image even though we live in a color world. Black and White Photography Tip #4: Look for contrast. In my experience, the best black and white photos usually have some portion of the photo that is near to pure white, and some portion of the photo that is near black. This increased contrast adds interest to the scene. This is where the histogram becomes very useful. Black and White Photography Tip #5: Find a wide range of grays. Having white and black in the image will help add interest to a picture, but if other areas do not have a wide range of varying tones of gray, the photo will most likely look dull. Black and White Photography Tip #6: Use a polarizer. When shooting around reflective surfaces such as water or leaves, use a polarizer to cut the reflections of the sun's light. When color is removed from the photo, these specular highlights can be distracting the overall composition. Black and White Photography Tip #7: Watch for texture. As long as texture is not front-lit, it will show contrast in fine details, which makes it a compelling subject for black and white. This is why black and white photos of old items such as barns or antiques are so compelling–they have a lot of weathered texture. Black and White Photography Tip #8: Look for patterns. Patterns are interesting because of their ordered repetition. Color merely distracts us from giving the pattern our attention. By using black and white, images of patterns are far more compelling. Once you start looking for patterns to shoot in black and white, you'll notice them everywhere: cars in a parking lot, the shoes of a wedding party standing in line, or a row of bushes. Black and White Photography Tip #9: Shoot in HDR!!! I'm actually surprised how little attention is given to black and white HDRs on the web. Nothing pops quite like a black and white HDR.

Water 4 Life: A Symposium of Art, Music and Dialogue

Thought I would make this a meet-up. Please see my prior email if your interested in submitting images for this event Genesis Presbyterian Church is hosting an open house to promote stewardship of our Colorado resources and to dialogue about the water issues facing our state. Water shortages, fires, and protection of water resources---all these topics are critical to life and leisure in Colorado. Enjoy displays by nonprofit organizations, a water-themed art exhibit, special music, refreshments, and a panel of experts discussing water in Colorado---past, present, and future. Everyone is invited to attend April 7, 2019, 1:00 to 4:00pm. Photographers and artists are invited to display their talents at this community event. We can display only a limited number of pieces from your organization. And only one per person, please. This is not a contest: no judging, no prizes. Please see Guidelines for specifications and detailed directions. Contact Diane Falconer at [masked] for more information. Deadline to submit is Friday, March 15, 2019.

Golden Super Cruise Car Shows


This is one of the first car shows of the year in Golden (which happen the first Friday of Every Month). Great opportunity to capture some old cars plus the band called the Royal Access will be playing. We will meet at the American mountaineering center then walk down to the event which is a few blocks away on Main Street.

Denver Botanic Gardens-Tulips

Needs a location

It's tulip time. Be sure to bring your tripod, dark backdrop and a water bottle.

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