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Since 1997, we have gathered weekly to explore the wonders of NJ, PA, NY, MD, and DE. The purpose of this group is to promote trail systems in the NY/Philadelphia metropolitan area, as well as other areas of natural and historic significance, through long day hikes. Most hikes are approximately 15 to 20 miles. This group is for people for whom a short hikes and commonly posted places are not enough; people who want to quench the thirst for experience and diversity, and to learn more of the amazing area in which we live, and to do so with a diverse group of people
Here's a promo video about the group by Tom Petrucci
For further info including our open space and trail library, visit www.metrotrails.org

Upcoming events (4+)

Mendham Loop (nite hike)

Hampton Road

Join us on a mystical journey through the magical village of Smuggensworth. In fables, its inhabitants often cast grandiose spells of wealth upon passers-by.

Our journey begins high atop the lush Scottish flora of Onkinburgh. It is there where we shalt revel at the splendor of the Cliffs of Kensington. Afterwards, our quest continues through the eerie Lakes of Masgar. Once we hath passed that vile, ominous wasteland, we shall rest in the visitors' quarters of the friendly Braxton tribe.

When we awake, we will make our presence known to the Office of the Magistrate. Upon leaving, we shall embark back to our homelands, with each of us carrying a bag of shillings and a penny whistle.

Stompin Great Swamp Romp Hike!

ShopRite of Chatham

Join us for this happy hike that will loop us through the region of the southeast side of the Great Swamp, a swath of land that we nearly lost to an international jetport.
NOTE that because this is so far in advance, it may be subject to date change due to family priorities.
The route is odd, featuring boardwalks and such. Everyone should wear good shoes that are waterproof because some trails might be muddy, but others are quite dry. We will also be walking some back roads and picking up pieces of little greenways here and there including a local one in Chatham.
We will also walk parts of Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

In the event of heavy snow, the hike is not canceled, but will change venue. Instead, we will make our way to Convent Station. We will then follow back roads and short trail pieces following closely parallel to the former Lackawanna Railroad toward Millburn. If we end up doing this route, we will likely go as far as South Orange Station, and then take the train back. We'll eventually do that hike either way, but for now it is simply our backup.
About 15 miles
If needed, contact me at[masked]

Bronx River Greenway Hike!

Depot Plaza

Join us for this point to point hike, the first in a series of two hikes to cover the entire length of the Bronx River Greenway! We started with a short bit of it two years ago, but now we'll finally jump on the entire thing!
In the event of deeper snow, I have another good alternative planned from the same location.
After meeting at the lot at the Outback Steakhouse in Yonkers, we'll shuttle with as few cars as possible to the south end of the Bronx River Greenway, some of which will cover a bit of what we did on a holiday hike two years ago.
Soon, we get to new stuff and follow mostly level trail along or near parallel with the Bronx River. We'll walk just over a mile along some back streets to the end point, otherwise most of this will be trail save for a block here and there.
There are some great industrial ruins, urban scenes, and surprising natural settings on this route of about 16 miles.
If needed, contact me at[masked]

Mason Dixon Trail Pt 2 or 3 Hike!

25 Andersontown Rd

NOTE the exact date of this hike is subject to change pending what weekend availability is.

Join us for this point to point hike, the third section in the Mason Dixon Trail series, but one more appropriate one to schedule in February than the other because one involves more road walking, and if there is any degree of snow, it might be kind of hard to do...so we skip ahead a bit and the next one will be Part 2.
As such, the hike we do will end up at the same location, but which of these two sections we do depends entirely on snow.
Part 2 takes us through State Game Lands and along several back roads, and then through the woods of Gifford Pinchot State Park along the lake shore. Part 3 is from Hellen Hill along dirt and paved roads past Codorus Furnace, and then along mostly along pleasant back roads the trail route continues.
Both Parts 3 and 2 end at our friend Jennifer Grove Shaffer's house, conveniently located right on the trail.
As such, you'll see this hike posted twice in February and March, and we'll change description of the March one depending on what we do here.

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