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Hello Everyone,

I'm Royce (no relations to the real Prince Royce) but still can move my "banana" on the Bachata dance floor :-)

I'm proud to be your new organizer for "Miami Sensual Bachata" during the pandemic. I teach virtual Bachata dance classes here in New York City and would be thrilled and delighted to ask you to join my virtual Bachata sessions. As a group, we dance solo focusing on footwork and shoulder movements.

A bit about me: I was born n' raised in Wayne, NJ but my family is from Guyana, near Brazil in South America. I have my BA in Psychology, and MA in Sociology. I am working on my PhD doctoral dissertation. My paper is on job satisfaction, what makes people motivated to do what they do. For work, I help people find jobs for I am a recruiter. I also review contracts for law firms. I am drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol free. I am in my 40's. For fun, I like to exercise/jog, host speed dating events around the country, participate in IMPROV/acting classes, and help people find jobs.

Yes, I too miss face-to-face Bachata. When I used to live in Miami, I used to go out almost every night Bachata dancing. Hey, until this COVID thing gets under control, we still need to keep our mind and spirits "going", right? Ok then, let's Bachata :-)

I used to do free classes on zoom here in NYC but u know them New Yorkers, always canceling on me at the last minute LOL So, now I gotta begin charging folks. Hey, how does $10 per 40 minutes Bachata dance session on zoom sound? If more and more people show interest in my classes, then I will do one of those zoom full memberships. But for now, out of fairness, and just so I know each one of you more, would u be cool with a 40 minute session?



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