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Explore the front range (the 'Napa Valley" of beer) and find favorite beers by joining us to visit a microbrewery each Monday with our awesome Microbrew Monday Group! Develop your palate and meet other beer-lovers and professionals. Learn, and let us know what you would like to know. Cheers!

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Going Beyond the Mountian

Beyond the Mountain Brewing Co.

So many breweries, so ... No, these folks deserve a better intro, but I don't have one. Maybe, They've Arryved & so will we. Has a ring to it, but it's a PoS. I got it, it is about PoS, great beer, music and an awesome setting.

Yes, some word salad here, but there's something "special" we can do for ourselves, and our brewery friends, at Beyond the Mountain this evening. Let's support a brewery and a brewery service provider.

Some of you have heard me talk about the PoS (point of sale) software provider, a local company, Arryved. BtM is one of very few breweries who link to them & promotes them on their web site. Yea! (I know great folks who work for both organizations).

From this page (https://www.beyondthemountainbrewing.com/on-tap/) you can see the links to the iOS and Android markets where the Arryved app can be found. It's software to open, manage & close a tab at many breweries. Download, setup your wallet, and enjoy purchasing convenience.

I'm not going to do any more "selling" than I've already done, so if you have questions, ask me. I've used this PoS client for several years, and like it a lot. I think the folks at BtM would agree, so try it out. (it'll work at several hundred breweries around the country ...) 'nuf said

If you've gotten this far, thanks. BtM hasn't been open on Mondays for a while, so now that they're giving Monday a try, we're going to support them. As always, please RSVP so we know crowd size and we'll look forward seeing you've Arryved ... Cheers!

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Resolute in Candelas

Resolute Brewing Tap & Cellar

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