Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality Geekout


We are very happy to announce our next meetup on Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality!


• 18:00 Welcome: Who we are and what we do (Manuel & Stefano)

• 18:15 Talk 1: The state of VR/AR/MR

Speakers: Mohamed JP Sangaré & Edward Caulfield

Mohamed is a virtual and augmented reality business developer and promoter in Switzerland. He is the president of the SSVAR - Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality ( Follow him at:

Edward Caulfield is an AR Business Developer at SSVAR. You can follow him at:

• 18:30 Talk 2: Hololens 101

Microsoft HoloLens is a fascinating device, bringing augmented reality (or, to be precise, Mixed Reality) to a whole new level. Completely untethered, this Windows 10 computer is worn on your head, is fanless, has a battery life of a few hours, can run any Windows 10 Universal application, can be used to add virtual objects to the ”real reality”, and the range of possible applications defies the imagination.

Speaker: Laurent Bugnion

Laurent works as Senior Global Azure Advocate for Microsoft after almost 10 years spent working for IdentityMine and Valorem, two leading firms in Microsoft technologies. He is one of the foremost experts for XAML and C# based development. He codes in Windows, WPF, Xamarin (iOS and Android), Unity, ASP.NET. On his free time, Laurent writes for technical publications such as MSDN Magazine, and his blog is on He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Microsoft MIX, Build, TechEd, VSLive, TechDays and many other international events. Prior to joining Microsoft, Laurent was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows development from 2007 to 2017, a Microsoft Regional Director from 2013 and a Xamarin Most Valuable Professional from 2015. He is also the author of the well-known open source framework MVVM Light for Windows, WPF, Xamarin, and of the popular Pluralsight reference course about MVVM Light. You can read everything about him at:

19:30 Break: Snacks & Drinks

20:00 Talk 3: Mixed Reality Projects with Hololens at

afca is one of the few companies in Switzerland that embraced holographic technology and the Microsoft Hololens from the very beginning. In the last couple of years, they have implemented an impressive number of exciting Hololens projects. In this talk, they will present some of their masterpieces. Check them out here:

Speaker: Paul Affentranger
Paul is one of the founders of afca. His enthusiasm for cutting edge technology combined with creating ground-breaking user experiences has helped many of his customers achieve their project goals. In addition to his professional work, Paul co-organizes the Microsoft Azure Bern User Group:

20:30 VR/AR/MR Devices Lab@Azure Zurich User Group

In the devices lab YOU will have the unique opportunity to play around with state-of-the-art devices such as the Hololens. Demos are subject to availability. Time is unfortunately limited and therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate. Reservations are not possible. Just stick around and be patient. If you have any VR/AR/MR devices that you would provide for the Devices Lab, please contact the User Group Organizers.

The event is free of charge and held in English.

Please reserve a seat and cancel if you cannot make it. Thank you!

This event is sponsored by our sponsor Digicomp AG ( Thanks a lot for supporting the Swiss Azure Community!

Photo credit: Microsoft Sweden ( on Visual hunt ( / CC BY (