December Meetup with Petar Trbos and Vasko Bashoski


On December 12th, we will be hosting the final meetup of 2019. Join us in Microsoft Norway's offices for networking, food, and two great sessions!

Petar Trbos will kick off the evening with his session about SQL Server Execution Plans, before Vasko will teach us how to optimize databases for consumption in Power BI.

Food and mingling will start around 17:00, Petar will start his presentation around 17:20, and Vasko will start his presentation around 18:30.

See you there! :)


SQL Server Execution Plans with Petar Trbos

A SQL Server Execution Plan determines how efficient a SQL query will be. Execution plans provide us the behavior of a query and indicates whether indexes are used or not when the query runs. An execution plan provides information about tasks executed like tables, indexes, joins, parallelism, and more. It can also provide recommended instructions for improving query performance.

In order to fine tune queries in your SQL server environment sometimes we need to examine plan cache.

This session is going to show you how plans are created and cached, how to analyze plan cache by finding those with warnings, most expensive, using specific objects, etc.. Also, I am going to show you tools like Query Store and Extended Events, processes and some most frequent queries I use.

Also , if time permits, I am going to talk about common reasons for bad plans and how we are trying to avoid these issues, including with intelligent query processing changes in SQL 2019


Optimizations for database to be consumed by Power BI direct querying vs. OData streaming by Vasko Bashoski

Overview of the differences in execution plans for queries originating from analytical BI tool [Power BI direct querying] and paginated streaming data [OData queries].

Targeting the scenarios with clustered rowstore or clustered columnstore indexation, partitioning, loading data, overview of memory buffers.

This session will show you the decision points in creating objects organization for the scenarios.