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Join a community of developers and startups at the Microsoft Reactor SF and connect with people, skills, and technology to enhance your career or personal learning. Take advantage of free, in-person presentations, workshops, and networking events to engage with industry experts and a local tech community who shares your interests.

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While COVID-19 continues to effect daily life, our in-person events are temporarily unavailable. All events are currently virtual. Many of our virtual workshops are recorded and then uploaded to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkm6luGCS3hD25jcEhvRMIA/videos

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Natural Language Processing Series | Question-Answering Apps + Kaggle CORD

What is this session about?
In this talk, we will first give an overview of how question-answering techniques work in NLP. We will then showcase a submitted solution for Kaggle COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD) with an overview of the competition format, followed by describing the code combined of using the word embedding and fine-tuning BERT. We will discuss the results at the end.

Who is it aimed at?
The session is aimed at new data scientists with some introductory level of NLP and also established data scientists interested in developing QA applications.

Why should I attend?
If you wish to learn more on the following technologies or techniques this is the session for you:
· Question-Answering in NLP
· Word2Vec Embedding
· Fine-Tuning BERT Language Model

For more on this series, visit https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/reactor/eventseries/NaturalLanguage

Speaker info:
Lida Ghahremanlou - Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft

Dr. Lida Ghahremanlou is an AI specialist and a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, Data & AI Azure team from Customer Success Unit (CSU), working closely with customers and partners on providing AI and Machine learning solutions using Azure cloud technologies. Prior to joining Microsoft, she was a research scientist at IBM-Research in Australia where her focus was on Cognitive Computing and Semantic Technologies. Lida is passionate in applying her skills and experience within NLP applications and solving real world problems of language understanding.

Paolo Colecchia – Senior Cloud Solution Architect – Microsoft

Paolo Colecchia is an AI & ML specialist within the Azure Data & AI team at Microsoft. He works very closely with customers and partners across several industries to architect, develop and deploy AI solutions at scale. Paolo has a strong passion in applying data science skills within the Deep Learning space with particular focus on NLP solutions

Experience an Accessible Event

Online event

What is the event about?
The third and final instalment of this series will see Hector Minto, Henk Boelman and Rory Preddy bring all the concepts and tools explored over the past three weeks to life, in an all-singing, all-dancing, fully accessible event. You will experience our #include Accessibility interview segments and tech demos in full flow, have the option to engage with us and also be able to get a list of the resources we created for this. This event will also include a full Q&A, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask our experts questions about any of the topics discussed and about their experience of running accessible online events.

Who is it aimed at?
This session is designed for anyone thinking about running an online event which is truly inclusive for a range of accessibility requirements. We’ll revisit the tools introduced throughout the series and explore why a truly accessible event is not only the right things to, but also makes good business sense.

Why should you attend?
Hear and see first-hand what our expert’s experience has been in running accessible events. Understand more about any mistakes made along the way and what lessons were learnt, so you can plan your own accessible event to the best of your ability.

Hector Minto, Senior Technology Evangelist EMEA, Microsoft
Hector has been a leading voice in the field of assistive technology and accessibility for 25 years, developing technology solutions to empower people with disabilities to participate in education, employment and society.
Hector has worked on UK government projects for alternative communication, employment and skills, and business confidence on disability. He has led innovation projects on gesture technology, eye-tracking, cognitive assessment processes and home automation.
In his role as Accessibility Evangelist at Microsoft, Hector actively engages with Microsoft’s European workforce and community stakeholders on inclusive design, product accessibility and inclusion strategies for organisations. He also works with product teams, ensuring that Microsoft are continuously adapting to the changing needs of the diverse population using our products across the globe.

Henk Boelman, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Henk is a Cloud Advocate specializing in Artificial intelligence and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of the regional cloud advocate team in the Netherlands. Before joining Microsoft, he was a Microsoft AI MVP and worked as a software developer and architect building lots of AI powered platforms on Azure.He loves to share his knowledge about topics such as DevOps, Azure and Artificial Intelligence by providing training courses and he is a regular speaker at user groups and international conferences.

Rory Preddy, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Rory works in the Developer Relations team at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Advocate for Java. Cloud Advocates use their deep research skills to help professional cloud developers discover and successfully use Microsoft’s platforms. A seasoned speaker whose talks are both meaningful and humorous, Rory travels around the world empowering developers to achieve more

A Q&A about becoming a Professional Developer with Chloe Condon | Web Wednesday

Becoming a developer can feel rather daunting. There are a lot of unknowns and you probably have numerous questions about how to get started. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it feels. Join Chloe Condon and Christopher Harrison for an exclusive Q&A session about what it’s like to be a full time, professional developer. They’ll answer your questions about how to get into the field, what their favorite part of development is, and anything else you’d like to know! Join us on LearnTV to ask your questions!

Christopher Harrison, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Christopher is a longtime web dev who turned a coding hobby into a career. Currently a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, he never lost the joy he felt in writing code and having the computer do what he asked and sharing that passion with others. These days he can be found at a keyboard writing TypeScript and Python. When not at a keyboard he can be found running long distances or relaxing with his wife and their four-legged child (an adorable dog) in Seattle.

Chloe Condon, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Chloe is a Bay Area based Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. Previously, she worked at Sentry.io where she created the award winning Sentry Scouts program (a camp themed meet-up ft. patches, s’mores, giant squirrel costumes, and hot chocolate), and was featured in the Grace Hopper Conference 2018 gallery featuring 15 influential women in STEM by AnitaB.org. Her projects and work with Azure have ranged from fake boyfriend alerts to Mario Kart 'astrology', and have been featured in VICE, The New York Times, as well as SmashMouth's Twitter account. Chloe holds a BA in Drama from San Francisco State University and is a graduate of Hackbright Academy. She prides herself on being a non-traditional background engineer, and is likely one of the only engineers who has played an ogre, crayon, and the back-end of a cow on a professional stage. She hopes to bring more artists into tech, and more engineers into the arts.

Unlocking Serverless

Online event

What is this session about? The session covers what Serverless is and what areas it can be used. Furthermore it presents different Serverless options, cost model and more.

Who is it aimed at? Anyone who have an understanding of software development and wants to know how to architect in the Cloud.

Why should I attend? To learn about how you can save money in the Cloud but also understand this new type of architecture and the possibilities it unlocks.

For more on this series, visit https://aka.ms/HigherEdSeriesPg

Speaker info:
Chris Noring | Cloud Developer Advocate

I like building tools and helping people by writing blogs and free books. Using languages and runtimes like JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, Python and PowerShell.
About me:
✨ Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
✨ Google Developer Expert
✨ Published author
✨ Enjoys building apps in frameworks like Angular, React, Vue and Svelte. Also into building APIs using REST or GraphQL.

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