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A virtual meeting held on the first Thursday of every month @ 1pm GMT/BST. It's a free-to-attend, informal gathering of like minded people, with 1-2 speakers presenting hour long sessions including tips, techniques and information on old, new and upcoming technology.

The event is kindly sponsored by Purple Frog Systems, Power BI Sentinel and RP Analytics.


All of our meetings are currently held virtually on Microsoft Teams.


The first Thursday of every month @ 1pm GMT/BST.

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(Note we are not holding a session in January 2021).

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A Slice of Time: Window Functions in SQL Server

Online event

Microsoft Data Platform Group Birmingham - Thursday 9th June 2022 @ 13:00 BST.


Kevin Feasel

Title: A Slice of Time: Window Functions in SQL Server

Window functions are a powerful technique for analyzing data in SQL Server. In this session, we will understand when to use a window function like ROW_NUMBER() or LAG(), including specific use cases.

We will understand:
* The performance implications of window functions
* Performance tuning of queries with window functions
* Using window functions to make certain classes of queries faster
* Performance implications of having multiple windows in a single query.

This talk will also review some of the limitations in SQL Server's implementation of window functions and how to work around many of these.

12.45 - 13:00 : Setup and Join
13:00 - 13:05 : Open Lobby and Introductions
13:05 - 14:00 : A Slice of Time: Window Functions in SQL Server

Wherever you have access to Computer or Smart Device! This session will be online only!

Other Details:
*** Please note registration on MeetUp is required to gain access to the Teams remote link!***

You MUST RSVP to this event to gain access to the remote link! Please contact us on Twitter or via email if you are having any issues joining and we'll do everything we can to help.

***Update: Event link to follow soon!***

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