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Zombie 90 Extreme Pestilence

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Meet me in the tap room bar off the lobby of the Alamo theater between 7:45 and 8:00 and we'll have a couple of beers and chat before we go in and see the movie.

The movie starts at 9:30 p.m.

Alamo is assigned seating so we probably won't sit together during the movie. But, I'll put my seat number in the comments closer to the event after I buy mine though.


Zombie movies are great. But wouldn't every zombie movie be better if it was dubbed by an exhausted Eddie Deezen impersonator, a poor (white) man’s version of Rudy Ray Moore, and Apu from THE SIMPSONS? Of course it would! Cue ZOMBIE '90: EXTREME PESTILENCE! This is another ultra-cheap exercise in exxxtremely tasteless SOV gore from Germany’s master-of-crotch-violence, Andreas Schnaas (VIOLENT SHIT, ANTHROPOPHAGUS 2000). Zombies have chainsaws, zombies attack people in restrooms, and one zombie pulls apart a baby aka a doll from the Dollar Tree clearance rack. That's all terrific stuff, but what really transforms this generic, no-budget movie into a non-stop pleasuredome is the dubbing. It’s not clear who dubbed the movie. Or why. It is clear that this person had no script, usually paid no attention to what was happening onscreen, and maybe fell asleep a few times. So what we get is an assemblage of footage that feels like Cheech And Chong on a quaalude binge during a sleepover party at Lucio Fulci’s house.

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