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Confluence of Revolutionary AI Technologies, Entrepreneurship, and Doing Good for All

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly progressing while their applications are revolutionizing the basic concepts of jobs or how we work, and ultimately how we live on Earth. Researchers and scholars are predicting that by 2025 when AI matures, almost half of current jobs will be lost [1] [2]. We, humans, are the creator of AI. Therefore, we have the responsibility to make use of AI for creating a better life for all. Like many others, we believe that the key is to augment human intelligence with AI towards a more advanced and universal intelligence.

The objective of this meetup group is to become a catalyst for finding ways by which AI can create new and better opportunities in place of the jobs that it eliminates. We want to bring people from diverse backgrounds and interests together to spark the beginning of millions of AI startups! We believe by being small but effective startups are the right ventures to initiate positive change with AI. Our vision is that by forming this group we will together accelerate the birth of a million AI-powered startups that create meaningful work while making life better for many others by augmenting human intelligence. With the help of augmented intelligence every human will be able to create his or her own job—his or her own startup that creates sustainable work for the person’s entire life.

We will start with four main areas of applications for creating AI startups:

1. AI in Jobs— economic opportunities for all
2. AI in Education for all ages—lifelong learning for all
3. AI in Health and Better Life —healthy and long life for all
4. AI in Environment—to preserve Earth for all

We hope that people with expertise in the above domains, AI researchers as well as technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and anybody who relates to the objectives of this group and is willing to make concrete contributions toward the vision join us.

We anticipate that there will be breakout sessions during our meetups where people with common interest work on proposals and demonstrable results that are then shared with everyone. The ultimate outcome of the meetup sessions should be the birth of new AI ventures as well as continued work on advancing them towards their success.

We are open to anyone who believes in the power of intelligence to join this meetup group. We are hoping that people with an ambition to build better life for all humans on Earth with a pragmatic but bold approach will join us.

[1] AI and Future Jobs, 2016 - http://www.techcastglobal.com/-/ai-and-future-jobs
[2] Book: A Celebration Society, 2015 - http://www.acelebrationsociety.com/

[3] The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, 2014 - http://secondmachineage.com/

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