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The Microsoft Cloud Platform is an amazing environment, and it can be challenging to understand all the systems, nuances, and keep up to date with the changes. If you're looking to get into Azure, or are an experience professional looking to learn and share more - we want you!

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Terraform Deployments in Azure

Concurrency, Inc.

Are you managing your Azure infrastructure as code (I hope so)? Have you been using ARM templates and Powershell for your automation? Well, it's time to take a look at the open source tool by Hashicorp - Terraform. Compared to ARM templates, Terraform provides a much simpler YAML(ish) language, is declarative, AND is able to manage the configuration state of your Azure environment. Terraform works across cloud providers, and is supported in most popular DevOps tools - including Azure DevOps. As most enterprises move toward a multi-cloud environment, Terraform is natural fit. Matt Sidwell will be showing us use cases and automation of Terraform deployments in Azure using Azure DevOps pipelines. Matt is passionate about Terraform and automating everything. Matt Sidwell is an Information systems engineer at Concurrency with 8 years of experience in enterprise environments. Thus far, his work has been focused on infrastructure and process automation. Much of his experience has been in mission critical 24/7/365 availability environments like hospitals. Concurrency, Inc will be hosting us and providing food and refreshments.

Azure Spatial Anchors: Building a Shared Mixed Reality across Devices

Azure Spatial Anchors is a cross-platform developer service that allows you to create mixed reality experiences using objects that persist their location across devices over time. This enables developers to build apps that map, designate and recall precise points of interest that are accessible across HoloLens, iOS and Android devices. It allows people in the same place to participate in multi-user mixed reality applications. For example, two people can start a game of mixed reality chess by placing a virtual chess board on a table. Then, by pointing their device at the table, they can view and interact with the virtual chess board together. One of the people can use an iPhone while the other can use an Android device. We'll explore the exciting new Mixed Reality world where Visual Studio + Unity makes these amazing cross-device immersive experiences the Reality possible today! Interested in being the employee or consultant that becomes the go-to guy or gal that Enterprises look to for leading these projects? Or starting your own company working on this future focused technology? Join Lance Larsen (Microsoft MVP) and organizer of MADdotNET (Madison's .NET User Community) in building the skills you will need for the growing global Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Markets that are projected to reach $814.7 Billion By 2025. Speaker: Lance Larsen is a Microsoft MVP, a founder and the Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Holosoft™ (Holosoft.com) as well avid Community Speaker -and- president of MADdotNET, Madison Wisconsin’s .NET developer community (MADdotNET.com)! At Holosoft™, we’ve thrown ourselves into the deep end of Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (MR/AR/VR). Our mission is to evangelize what we’ve learned about available technologies, emerging technologies and the techniques we use to write beautiful applications. Holosoft™ does application design and consulting – so please reach out to us with any questions you may have, or if there is any way with which we may assist you. Lance is also one of the original organizers of That Conference (ThatConference.com) – the original Summer Camp for Geeks in the Wisconsin Dells! Bachelor’s in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics from Illinois Tech (IIT) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Cognition. @holosoftnet | Holosoft.com @lancelarsen | LanceLarsen.com

Protecting App Secrets with .NET Core and Azure

Concurrency, Inc.

Remember the last time you stored an API key or password in plain text within a config file? To make matters worse, that config file made its way into source control. Now the entire development team knows your sensitive information. How does one improve upon this in an ASP.NET Core app? In this session, I’ll introduce you to the .NET Core CLI’s Secret Manager tool and the Azure Key Vault. You’ll learn the role each tool plays in the development lifecycle of an ASP.NET Core app. Along the way, we’ll improve a sample app riddled with secrets handling anti-patterns. Bio: Scott Addie is an international speaker, a .NET Foundation member, an open source contributor, and a developer advocate of the modern web. Scott has reached masses of developers through blog posts, articles, and speaking engagements at user groups, code camps, and conferences across the globe. With a strong emphasis on the Microsoft web technology stack, Scott holds numerous industry-recognized Microsoft development certifications. Scott is a former Telerik Developer Network author, Progress Developer Expert, and Microsoft MVP. In his day job, Scott produces ASP.NET Core and Azure content for docs.microsoft.com and the Microsoft Learn platform.

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