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Join this Special Group that I created to share my ideas on the Mind and Reality which includes the Secrets of Consciousness, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, Law of Attraction and Reality Creation!

My name is Enoch and for years I have sought to learn all I could about the secrets of the universe and about life itself. My life's calling has driven me to uncover many golden mysteries that are found in ancient writings in combination with the most advanced cutting edge science of present day.

Much of these knowledge is unheard of by the masses and that's why the world has been kept pretty much the way it is. This is the MOST Life Changing Information which surpasses and transcends all other levels of self help you have encountered, because it is about understanding and changing reality from the highest place of all!

The background knowledge that contributes to the knowledge of success in any area of life is found in the knowledge of the mind and reality. This place is about the reality of the mind. You are here to know all the secrets of life and the universe.

Mind Reality is The Place of Unified Knowledge and Full Understanding of Everything.

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How to Create What You Want?

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