What we're about

If you're exploring the worlds beyond mainstream literature, MinnSpec welcomes you.

We are Minnesota Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism, Horror -- all things speculative.

Come to network, hear readings from works in progress, swap story critiques, and talk shop. Our members range from those just starting out to established authors with multiple book contracts.

Want to know more? Check our Facebook group. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MinnSpec/)

Check out our official site: http://minnspec.org

Upcoming events (2)

June MSP Critique Group

Link visible for attendees

Remote streaming will be available with Zoom. (Please RSVP to see the link.)


How to submit:

  • A. Send your manuscript to: [masked].
  • B. Leave a comment on this page what you submitted.
  • C. RSVP to this event. (No RSVP, no critique.)

Max 4 manuscripts
Max length 10,000 words
Manuscript submissions open when this Meetup event goes up (no submissions two months ahead). They remain open until May 28th.
Priority is determined based on:

  1. Whether or not you RSVP
  2. When we received your manuscript.
  3. When you left a comment. (This is for visibility to others.)
  4. Whether or not you were critiqued in the previous month.
  5. If you submit and then must submit a revision, you will have to go to the back of the line. So submit a polished manuscript!


How to download submissions:
Request to join our Google Group by sending an email to:
Address: [masked]
Subject: Join Request
Body: Your name as it appears on Meetup.
Tips on how to give an effective critique: http://critters.org/c/whathow.ht
More info: https://www.meetup.com/MinnSpec/messages/boards/thread/51072805/

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Social Picnic @ Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Regional Park

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