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If you're exploring the worlds beyond mainstream literature, MinnSpec welcomes you.

We are Minnesota Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism, Horror -- all things speculative.

Come to network, hear readings from works in progress, swap story critiques, and talk shop. Our members range from those just starting out to established authors with multiple book contracts.

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Not So Silent Planet: "Celebration!"

Strike Theater

The country's only recurring open mic dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural horror returns to The Red Stag Supper Club Dec 17! The evening's theme is "Celebration!" Open-mic sign-up starts at 7:20 pm. If selected, performers have up to 7 minutes of stage time. Anything goes as long as it's speculative fiction. First-time performers are guaranteed stage time. Performers can interpret the theme any way they like, or not at all, since writing to theme is optional. For December's Sentence Challenge, the performer who can most seamlessly or creatively fit the following line into their performance, as determined by the audience, will win a prize: "We couldn't remember anything." Or, alternatively: "They couldn't remember anything." Like the theme, this challenge is also optional. The show space is at the back of the Red Stag in the designated performance area. Booze and food are available for purchase at the bar. There is free parking in the adjacent parking lot after 6 pm. This is not just a storytelling open mic. You can bring songs, dance routines, comedy sets, etc. As long as it falls within the "speculative fiction" genres and sticks to the time limit, it's game. If you're not a performer, but know someone who might be interested in signing up, or someone who just enjoys speculative fiction, please spread the word! Special guest performers will be announced soon. Hope to see you there!

To Outline, Or Not To Outline - ESP Critique Group

Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies

The first hour of the meetup consists of a round table discussion or workshop. The second hour participates critique submitted manuscripts. 1. Monthly Topic: To Outline, Or Not To Outline Sherry will lead a group discussion about various ways to outline, from the traditional to a more open-ended style depending on a writer's writing style. 2. Critique submissions - How to submit manuscripts: - We accept three manuscripts of up to 10,000 words per meetup. - Submissions open the evening of November 12th and close December 3rd. -Priority goes to those who did not submit the previous month Full submission instructions: https://www.meetup.com/MinnSpec/messages/boards/thread/51627659 3. How to download submissions: https://www.meetup.com/MinnSpec/messages/boards/thread/51627659 The room opens for us at 6:45 PM

January MSP Roundtable: Point of View

Lunds & Byerlys Uptown Minneapolis

*We are back to the Lunds community room this month!* What point of view should you write your spec fiction in; first, third, or something more exotic? Who should be your point of view character? How many points of view should you take? What happens if your point of view character dies? Explore these questions and many others at our roundtable discussion on point of view.

January MSP Critique Group

Lunds & Byerlys Uptown Minneapolis

*We are back to the Lunds community room this month!* How to submit: A. Leave a comment on this page for what you are submitting. B. Send your manuscript* to: [masked]. Submission guidelines: Max 5 manuscripts Max length 10,000 words Manuscript submissions are open until January 5th. We will determine priority, which goes to those who have not submitted last month. Once slots have filled or we hit the deadline, we will post the submissions for critique, whichever is earlier. 2. How to download submissions: https://www.meetup.com/MinnSpec/messages/boards/thread/51072805/ *Often a few chapters of a longer work, but we accept short fiction too

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December MSP Critique Group

Merriam Park Library

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