• February MSP Critique Group

    Link visible for attendees

    Remote streaming will be available with Zoom. (Please RSVP to see the link.)


    How to submit:

    • A. Send your manuscript to: [masked].
    • B. Leave a comment on this page what you submitted.
    • C. RSVP to this event. (No RSVP, no critique.)

    Max 4 manuscripts
    Max length 10,000 words
    Manuscript submissions open when this Meetup event goes up (no submissions two months ahead). They remain open until February 5th.
    Priority is determined based on:

    1. Whether or not you RSVP
    2. When we received your manuscript.
    3. When you left a comment. (This is for visibility to others.)
    4. Whether or not you were critiqued in the previous month.
    5. If you submit and then must submit a revision, you will have to go to the back of the line. So submit a polished manuscript!


    How to download submissions:
    Request to join our Google Group by sending an email to:
    Address: [masked]
    Subject: Join Request
    Body: Your name as it appears on Meetup.
    Tips on how to give an effective critique: http://critters.org/c/whathow.ht
    More info: https://www.meetup.com/MinnSpec/messages/boards/thread/51072805/