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Lots of gaming options including: bi-weekly Euchre, play a new board game, join a trivia team at a local restaurant.



1) We allow dues to cover two people if married /significant other.

2) Your dues and contributions are only used to pay our Meetup.com fees (it is not free to be a Meetup organizer), advertising to the local community, and running events.

3) All members must read and sign our Disclaimer & Liability Release Form:


This covers all events on Meetup.com for groups: “I want to do that, too!” and “Amazing Irish Sports and Hiking”. They are online activity platforms run by the members themselves. The Organizers and members will simply facilitate the gathering of people at the appointed meeting place and the group or member voluntarily takes part in any activity. Organizers and members do what they can to assure that the participants experience a rewarding trip. However, some of the activities are not without risk. These activities include but are not limited to: trivia, board games, eating dinner, dancing, theater, movies, bowling, volleyball, dodge-ball, hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, and any other event specific to an individually planned trip. The same elements that contribute to the unique character and fun of these activities can cause loss or damage to equipment, injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death.


I understand that Accidents can occur during travel to and from or on the activity site. It will be necessary to travel by motorized vehicle on public roads. Participants can slip or fall during any activity resulting in injury or death. Dangerous plants, insects, or animals can be found with harmful effects to some participants. Exposure to the natural elements can be uncomfortable or harmful. Meals are prepared over gas stoves or open fires. Sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps, wind, rain, use of portable toilet facilities or public restrooms, eating meals outdoors, being in the open for the extended length of the trip can be uncomfortable or cause injury. It is also possible that participants could suffer mental anguish or trauma from the experience of their injuries. Participants may have free and unsupervised time. Throughout the program, participants are responsible for their own safety, their children if applicable, and for the safety of other members of their group.


Before Meetup.com group, I have read and I understand the above statement on some of the risks involved in these activities and I assume full responsibility for myself, and, if applicable, any minors I bring with me, for any and all of these risks. I assume full financial responsibility for any physical damage I may cause to persons or property by me on the trip. I certify that I do not suffer from any ailment nor have any medical condition that would prevent participation in any activity I participate in. Attending confirms I am fully capable of participating in the activities involved. I understand that Organizers and/or Hosts reserve the right to refuse any person from participating in any activities at any time without specifying any reason. Should there be an issue or dispute as to the validity of any release I have signed, this document shall supersede any other document I have read and signed regarding my legal rights.

I hereby give permission for anyone to make any necessary judgment/decisions that may be needed at my time of distress, and to render necessary emergency medical care to me or my minor children. I hereby fully understand and acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my own welfare and safety and have waived all rights in regards to any legal action against the organizers and/or other members of Meetup.com events and any person under the meet up group. I agree to exonerate the organizers and any person under the meet up group and any other participants from any liabilities, claims, damages and compensation including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any loss of life, injuries or disabilities, partial or full and or for damages arising thereof in consequence of any event resulting in loss, injuries and deaths or damages.

By joining this Meetup.com group, I confirm having read, understood and agreed to this Disclaimer, also published on the internet for each group at www.meetup.com, and further agree to abide by the rules and all such terms and conditions that may be imposed hereafter by the Organizers in my interest and of the members and participants. I, of my own free will, for my family, my heirs and executors and myself, have read, understand and acknowledge the risks and liability for myself and my family.

Upcoming events (5+)

TRIVIA NIGHT at The Pub, Granger Indiana

Super fun trivia and socializing with friendly people. Come on out to order dinner and drinks at 6pm. Trivia starts at 7.

Sunday Afternoon Euchre

Martin's Super Market

Lunch option at 12:15. Please arrive no later than 1:00 for game play to start. Players will rotate in if we do not have a number divisible by 4. *** Would you like to host Euchre on a Sunday Afternoon? You can choose the location. We need volunteers! All you have to do is know who is signed up to attend, be there on time, greet new comers, and play euchre! Message or text Laura. Thank you all for coming out! Please send me any questions, suggestions, comments via messenger. -Laura

TRIVIA NIGHT at Granite City

Granite City Food & Brewery

Super fun trivia and socializing with friendly people. Come on out to order dinner and drinks at 6pm. Trivia starts at 7.

5-HANDED PINOCHLE, teach -n- learn

Needs a location

-For established members only and must be approved by host before address on Windingbrook Drive (Mishawaka) is shared. -RSVP's 21st and 22nd are alternates, so reserve your spot soon! -If you do not know how to play, come and learn with others this fun game. **** Bring something DELISH to share with everyone if you WISH: a beverage, appetizer, dish or dessert. RULES: In 5-handed pinochle, double deck, without the 9’s, there are 80 cards. There are 4 of each card. Each person will have 16 cards to play each hand. Of each suit there are 4 aces, 4 tens, 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 jacks = 20 of each suit. 5 persons per table. -The game will play 5 hands, and each person will deal once. -Deal an even amount of cards to each person. You may deal up to 4 cards at a time per person. -Arrange cards in your hand. Separate by suit. Then from high to low: A 10 K Q J (Yes, 10 is in between Ace and King). -In 5-handed pinochle, there are two teams per hand, but there is a twist: teammates change each hand based on "auction bid, call for a card". -Players bid for the points they predict their hand could earn. -There are ways to get points each hand, after bidding ends: Part 1) Meld (points for the value of the cards in your hand). Part 2) Playing tricks (points for the cards your team wins). -Auction bid opens at 30. Bidding continues clockwise until all but one person has passed. -Winning bidder calls for a card, and also names trump suit for the hand. -Next person clockwise who has the card is now the winning bidder's partner for the hand, and gives requested card to partner. -Winning bidder gives her/his newly defined partner one card back. -The two player team must get the number of points bid, or else their score will go down (negative points) that number. -The other three players (opposing team) will try to "set" the team that called trump suit. PART 1: Display and score melds. After the melds are displayed, the points are counted and each player totals their individual meld scores. Part 2: Playing Tricks. All players then put their cards back into their hands in order to prepare for playing tricks. Playing tricks -In playing cards for tricks, there are strict rules of forced play, which limit a player's ability to strategically retain high cards. The high bidder leads the play with the first card, which can be any card in the contract winner's hand. -Every player must follow the lead suit if possible. -Every player must play a winning card against those played so far, if it is possible to do so, even when the current player expects a later player to win the hand with a better card. -The only exception is if a player played a trump card when trump was not the suit led. In that case, those following that player may play any card of the lead suit. -Likewise, if a player cannot follow suit, but has trump, they must play trump. Again, if a player does not have any cards of the lead suit and can play a trump card higher than any other trump played so far, the player must do so, even if the player expects that a later player will beat the card. If another trump has already been played that a player cannot beat, then they can play any trump in their hand, but they still must play a trump card if they can. -Only when a player has no cards in suit, and has no trump, can the player choose to play any card in their hand. -If two identical cards are played, the first one outranks the second. -After the first trick, the winner of each trick leads the first card for the next trick, until all the cards are played. Scoring tricks Points are scored based on the tricks won in the hand, and always add up to 50 points. The last trick is always worth an additional 2 points. Aces, tens, and kings worth 1 (and known as "counters"), and everything else zero ("garbage").

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Board Game Night

Scotty's Brewhouse

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