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This group is for women who want inspiration and fun techniques to use in art journaling, altered books, artsy planners, collage art, and/or mixed media mail art. Meets will be held in my home (south Thornton) and hope to do monthly meets. Meets are open to all skill levels.

I will post details on what we will be doing each month and any basic supplies you will need. I have tons of supplies, so I will never ask you to buy anything special. You are welcome to experiment with what I have and you can buy your own later if it is something you want to use on a regular basis in your own work :) There will be no set fee toward meets, buy feel free to kick in a few dollars when you show up to the meet toward my meetup fees if you like.

Please note: This is primarily an in-person group for females that live in the basic vicinity of the Denver Metro area (or whatever you view as drive-able for an art meet). We began hosting online meets during the pandemic of 2020. I will be opening my home for in-person meets again once the pandemic is over; however, zoom has changed our culture and opened doors to new ways of sharing. Once my home is open again, I may be doing a hybrid meeting where some people meet in person and others outside the area can still participate via zoom.

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Tattered and Torn

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Hi everyone ... for this meet, I wrote down a set of layers to aim for in our pages ... and I didn't even end up following all my own directions LOL So I will give you an idea of what kind of supplies you might use for ... but adapt the list to whatever you already have. And if you get inspired to do a different layer than planned, go for it. All techniques are starting points :) For the background, you need book text for collage, gesso (or you can substitute opaque white paint or chalk paint) ... some kind of water-soluble color (such as watercolor crayons or pencils, water-based markers, distress ink, dye inks, or acrylic inks), permanent ink pad, rubberstamps, stencils, graphite or color pencils, black gel pen ... paint in a fine-tip applicator (I don't have that and did something different LOL) and whatever else you think you might want. The top layer is a paper embellishment cluster, so that is scraps of paper, fabric scraps if you desire. This can be a decorative element for interest ... or a focal point. My page was small, so it was my focal. But if you have a larger journal, you may want a primary focal image and this as an extra. If it is your real focal, you need something to put on it to draw the viewer in. It could be a word, a little image, or some other kind of embellishment. Oops ... forgot to say that I also used a distress tool to tatter my edges, but this is optional ...

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