[DFDS]: CrmWebApiUtil (F# dotnet) + LINQ Provider (C# dotnet) = Cloud (Docker)

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- 17:00 Doors open
- 17:15 Welcome by DFDS A/S, MF#K, CNUG and CRMUG
- 17:30 DFDS A/S from Shipping to a Tech Company
- 18:00 Talk by Ramón Soto Mathiesen + QA
- 19:00 Networking with soft drinks, beer and snacks
- 20:00 Doors close


When transitioning to dotnet from applications based on the traditional .NET Framework, as logic is moved to technologies that are cloud ready, it's not always the case that Microsoft will provide the same tooling that will ensure robust and type-safe code as we are used to.

This is the case of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, previously known as CRM, where there is provided a Web API, but the documentation on MSDN, describes how we should rely on Newtonsoft JObject to write dynamic C# code. As we are used to generate type-safe domain classes with the CrmSvcUtil.exe tool for whenever we are interacting with the more traditional SOAP API, it would be ideal to have something similar for when consuming the Web API.

In this talk, we will showcase a tool that will allow us to create these type-safe domain classes as well as a LINQ Provider that will allows us to write similar code as we would do if we wrote code that would consume the SOAP API.


Ramón Soto Mathiesen is a passionate computer scientist, with flair for business and functional programming languages, that advocates for: correctness, code-quality and high-standards.

With a degree in Computer Science, with minors in Mathematics, from the Universities of Copenhagen and Pisa, he is currently working for his own company: SPISE MISU ApS, where he tries to use SAFE Haskell to make software that can comply with the EU GDPR, by technical means.


- DFDS A/S: https://dfds.com/tech
- MF#K: https://www.meetup.com/MoedegruppeFunktionelleKoebenhavnere/
- CNUG: https://cnug.dk/
- CRMUG: https://www.crmug.com/copenhagen


Auditorium - DFDS A/S Tech Hub @ Harbour House II
Sundkrogsgade 21, 2100 Copenhagen