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Welcome to the Montgomery County Anime Club! The purpose of this group is to get together with fellow adult anime/manga lovers. To put it simply we get together and watch or talk about anime.

If anyone discovers an anime movie playing in the MD/DC area we could organize a trip to go see it. We’re also happy to discuss going to any cons. - But If we decide to do something like this we’re going to need to charge members for the transportation, tickets, etc. It would be a similar situation going to a theater together, we would also need a fee. We will require dues to cover renting space.

Since this group is brand new we’re happy to discuss other ideas for the group to be involved in. The goal of this club is a fun environment to meet fellow anime watchers in. We’re happy to discuss anime/manga we like and would also enjoy watching some together. To vote on anime we plan to watch together each month please join our Facebook group here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/309063103093749?ref=bookmarks


1.) Must be 18 years old to join.

2.) Must pay fares. For example: transportation or a small portion of rental space cost (price will vary activity to activity).

3.) Treat everyone with respect. This shouldn’t need to be said but anyone who is caught bullying or is heard using hate speech will be kicked out of the club.

4.) Please keep the group anime-related. By that I mean I think it best we don’t spend the entire meeting discussing politics. If we can keep our minds on anime, manga, cosplay, etc. the group will be a much happier environment.

5.) If the group takes a trip we will not be responsible for making sure you join the transportation on our way back. Please be considerate and let us know if you aren’t traveling with us.

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Monthly Meeting


At our second official meeting we’ve planned to watch some anime. We’re likely going to have to rent space* so bear with me about the official location for now. We’re voting on which show to watch next month. I’d like members to join our Facebook group to do future voting: https://m.facebook.com/groups/309063103093749?ref=bookmarks We’re voting on: Sailor Moon or Buso Renkin? Cowboy Bebop or Danganronpa? My Hero Academia or Assassination Classroom? Excel Saga or Black Lagoon? Code Geass or Devilman Crybaby? Vote each round and we’ll eventually get to our final winner. Besides we can always revisit a discarded show another month 😊 If you don’t have a Facebook to share your votes share them here or message me. * Unfortunately renting space will mean charging dues. I set the payment schedule to allow you a two month decision period. If you’re willing to donate early that would be extremely helpful but I understand the desire to “see what it’s like first.” If you can think of a cheap place to rent message me although I do have some options.

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1st Group Meeting

Germantown Library

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