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Are you interested in creating your first video game or are you currently a game developer? SF Game Development hosts free events that specialize in developer-focused technical talks about game development, marketing and design. With a community of over 3000 game developers, engineers, writers, designers and students, come attend one of our events to expand your skills and network with industry professionals.

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This meetup group was built for the game development community first and foremost. We are very thankful to our sponsors who allow us to keep hosting events for free in their spaces and provide food for our attendees. If you are interested in showing off your game to the group, group sponsorship opportunities, or want to submit a presentation topic, please visit our website https://sfgamedevelopment.com

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SF Game Development feat: Epic Games, GS2, Magic Circle Studio

Microsoft Reactor

SF Game Development is excited to announce another in-person Meetup featuring Epic Games, Game Server Services, and Magic Circle Studio on Tuesday, February 28th at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco. Food and drink will be sponsored by GS2.io, arrive early for some yummy pizza and our networking session starting at 5:30pm. Speakers will go on stage at 7:00pm. This event is open to the public and is a professional networking event for game developers, artists, students, indies, or really anyone interested in game development.

Samuel Bass
Evangelist, Epic Games

20 Minute Talk
Unreal Engine's Ecosystem and Feature Overview
In this talk, learn from Unreal Engine expert Samuel Bass, who works as a Developer Evangelist at Epic Games, on the new improvements to the UE Ecosystem in version 5.1. Samuel will be covering topics around tooling, scripting, workflow-oriented StateTrees, Enhanced Input, and more. Additionally, Samuel will walk through a live demo including a geometry script and will discuss some of the new features mentioned above in Unreal Engine. Even if you've never used Unreal Engine before, this talk is one you won't want to miss and will be easy enough to understand even for a beginner!

Kazutomo Niwa
CEO, GS2.io
(Live Translated by Don Mesa)

20 Minute Talk
How to launch a successful game & keep engagement high in JAPAC
In this talk, learn from Japanese gaming expert Kazutomo Niwa, CEO of Game Server Services, on how to build a live-service game in the Japan and Asia regions. Kazutomo Niwa is a former software engineer at Nintendo Company Limited and Sega, and left in 2016 to found GS2.io. Live-service games may seem like a lot of work with little reward, but in Japan and Asia, the top ten games on app stores are live-service-based. The “game beyond the game”, or metagame experience plays a critical role in the success of live-service games. Kazutomo will share methods for building high player engagement through effective metagame development and introduce GS2 (Game Server Services), which makes metagame development simple & easy to integrate for developers. This talk will be live translated by Don Mesa, and Kazutomo Niwa will be flying out to this Meetup to share his knowledge about foreign gaming markets with our community

Avi Romanoff
Founder/CEO Magic Circle Studio

20 Minute Talk
From TikTok virality to $1M pre-seed, the story of Magic Circle
In this talk, learn from the Founder/CEO of Magic Circle, Avi Romanoff, on how his TikTok account turned his game Truffle Hogs into a fully VC backed indie game studio. With almost a quarter of a million followers on TikTok, Truffle Hogs is taking over iOS and Android by storm. Learn about Avi's marketing strategies from posting his game development progress on TikTok, to growing a Discord community where kids could contribute features that Avi would later implement into the game. Did I mention, they are hiring?

See you all there!

Thank you everyone for RSVPing for our SF Game Development event. We can't wait to see everyone there. Make sure to arrive at 5:30pm for some FREE food and drink! You MUST RSVP on Meetup to secure your spot. See everyone at the Microsoft Reactor on Tuesday, February 28th 2023 from 5:30-9:00pm.

Join our Discord and learn more about our Meetup Group here: https://sfgamedevelopment.com

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SF Game Development feat: Unity & OneSignal

Microsoft Reactor