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Hacking Humanity (Social at the Bar)
Join fellow intellectuals for some sophisticated talk and few drinks! In the "Social at the Bar" series, no moderator is around and you can talk about the suggested topic or whatever else you fancy. Come chat and get to know other people on your wavelength in a relaxed atmosphere. Subject of the Day: "Yuval Harari: Hacking Humanity" which is the title of this CBC Ideas podcast: MP3: "Yuval Harari is a global intellectual. And the internationally bestselling author is worried: our brains are getting hacked. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology and ever-sophisticated algorithms are tapping into our values, habits, tastes, desires and the very thought patterns that define us — all to control how we shop, what we read, and whom we vote for. The notion of free will is defunct. And the grand project of liberalism, with its focus on the individual, is worn out. But in this exclusive interview with Paul Kennedy, he explains why he remains cautiously optimistic about humanity's future." Yuval Harari's another recent lecture, entitled "The Challenges of The 21st Century" is also interesting and covers the same ground: Condition for attendance: Interest in chatting. Some interest in the chosen topic would help too. This rare meetup series is where the usual tough conditions fade away :) Meetup charge: free, but attendees should order something for themselves from the bar/restaurant. Group's policy on RSVPs: the "Social at the Bar" meetup series is not subject to the group's regular RSVP policy, but you are still expected to take your RSVP seriously as a matter of respect for other attendees.


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    Intellectual Café is a group of well-read, open-minded individuals who enjoy to get together, chat, and debate. There is no limit in the coverage of issues: from philosophy, to psychology, to sociology, to politics, to history and to the environmental issues. We've got it all covered. If there is an issue worth reading, contemplating, and debating about, the issue is relevant to our group. As a member, you are more than welcome to submit ideas to discuss, debate, or read about. All members can suggest meetups and can host those meetups in which they serve as the moderator and/or the subject matter expert. Being an intellectual is cool in this group and we'd love to get to know you!

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