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What we’re about

Intellectual Café is a group of well-read, open-minded individuals who enjoy to get together, chat, and debate. There is no limit in the coverage of issues: from philosophy, to psychology, to sociology, to politics, to history and to the environmental issues. We've got it all covered. If there is an issue worth reading, contemplating, and debating about, the issue is relevant to our group. As a member, you are more than welcome to submit ideas to discuss, debate, or read about. All members can suggest meetups and can host those meetups in which they serve as the moderator and/or the subject matter expert. Being an intellectual is cool in this group and we'd love to get to know you!

Get involved: we'd love to have as many as possible members who are willing to host events. After hosting a successful event, you're more than welcome to become one of the group's Event Organizers, if you so wish. To get started, simply send a message to the group's organizer and explain what kind of event you'd like to host.

Cost: Membership in this group and our events are free. You will pay for your own drinks/food at the meetup location.

RSVPs: Every member is expected to respect their RSVP for each event and keep it up to date. Two instances of disrespect of the RSVP will lead to the member being removed from the group.