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Montreal Singles Social Events Group- if you are single and looking to meet the RIGHT person - this is the group for you!!! Come and join us for a no pressure, easy going, organised way to meet people in your area. We have various events and activities to meet everyone's lifestyle......

Outdoor Recreation activities such as Beach Days,Zip Lining, Hiking, Kayaking, and much more ....... Montreal festivities...... Jazz Fest, Rib Fest, Lobster Clam Jam just to name a few.....if you are looking for dancing come and enjoy our once a month mix and mingle, or the numerous 5-7's in and around the Montreal area........ There is something for everyone......

You can quickly see who you click with and want to see again ! .If dating is not your thing..... meeting people and new friends is what its all about....

Sign up today! Join us today! We often have free to low cost events in this great city. Our Meetup group is designed for you to meet new and old friends with people you like!!

Social mingling is the best way for singles to meet face-to-face in a fun, low-pressure, setting with other singles looking to date.

We have events for all ages...... in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's. Finding love is all about taking chances, and being pro-active. Be ready to meet others in your age range in one easy flowing evening and or any of the great activities available, choose the ones you like to experience again!

Please take note, although we indicate a fee: it is by donation and no one is refused if they do not want to contribute.

https://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Si (https://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Speed-Dating-Events/)ngles-Dating -Events-Group

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Laughter FIT online community get-together!

Online event

It is more important now than ever to laugh and have fun, relieve stress in a new and great way during this challenging time.

We have been meeting on Zoom for the past eight weeks, and it's been quite wonderful. It is really important to maintain laughter now, more than ever, to diffuse stress and anxiety, calm, and find cracks to see the positive and enhance our coping abilities.

Laughter Yoga will reconnect you with your breath, your inner child, improve your emotional wellbeing and therefore your physical health, and allow you to reap all of the mind and body benefits of laughter that will last with you long after you leave! It can be great exercise too, and certainly breaks the isolation of physical distancing. All are welcome.


Meeting ID:[masked]
Passcode: Laughter

Attendance is free, suggested donations of $10 or less by e-transfer to [masked] to support Meta 1111 are welcomed!

Do you remember the last time you laughed your head off? Laughter Yoga will reconnect you with your breath, your inner child, improve your emotional intelligence, and allow you to reap all of the mind and body benefits of laughter that will last with you long after you leave! It can be great exercise too!

Anybody can do Laughter as exercise, any time, any place. No jokes, sense of humour, or yoga mat are required. We guide you with easy, fun exercises that promote laughter, and due to its contagious nature, this at times improvised laughter quickly becomes real. Mirthful belly laughter is a wonderful thing. Laughter yoga and laughercize (two forms of exercise through laughter) may sound a bit weird, and takes a bit of coaxing for many to come and try, but once we get rolling, it feels like the most natural exercise in town! One of my priorities is to make everyone feel comfortable and have the confidence to relax and enjoy.

The act of laughing promotes all sorts of amazing changes in the body whether it's real or fake - from decreasing nasty stress hormones that break down our immune system (adrenalin and cortisol) to increasing the happy hormones serotonin (natural pain killer) and adrenalin. Give it a try, you'll see how easy and fun it is!

We look forward to welcoming new Laughletes from other meet ups groups, with mirthful laughter!

Thanks to Montreal Singles Dating Events meet up for inviting us at Laughter FIT to welcome your awesome group to Laughter FIT! We look forward to meeting, and laughing, with you! (Join Laughter FIT meet up to see all of our events!)

Take a look at what Laughter Yoga is all about on our Meet Up page at Laughter FIT Montreal. Or visit our blog at http://laughterfit.blogspot.ca (http://laughterfit.blogspot.ca/)

🏐 INDOOR VOLLEYBALL - Saturday 4 - 6 PM SAMEDI - St-Henri Fire Station

Centre Saint Henri


$ 10.00 per person

Come join us for friendly games of volleyball, everyone welcome. All you need to play is a good pair of running shoes, comfortable clothes, and a smile :)

Where: Centre Saint-Henri (Fire Station)

530 Rue Du Couvent

Montréal (Saint-Henri), QC, H4C 2R4

Second Floor (Top Floor)

Contact me any time if questions.

$10.00 par person

Venez nous rejoindre pour des parties de volley-ball amicales, tout le monde est bienvenu. Tout ce que tu as besoin pour jouer, ce sont de bonnes chaussures de course, des vetements confortables et un sourire :)

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HEROIC LOSERS, comedy 96% Top Critic Big Hit at TIFF Sat July 31@6pm FREE!

HEROIC LOSERS, comedy 96% Top Critic Big Hit at TIFF Sat July 31@6pm FREE!

Note: all members and their friends are free!

The film is funny and undemanding and is an outright winner.

A hugely enjoyable, breezily paced lark that really satisfies with its dry humour and well-aimed backhander at corruption.

Lively and likeable... ranks among the best kind .

This may be a familiar formula, but the result is nonetheless funny, ingeniously plotted and with plenty of charm and energy.

Argentina, December 2001. A group of friends and neighbors pool together all of their savings to reactivate an agricultural cooperative and the economy of their small town. The day after they deposit the group's money in the bank, Argentina's economy and banking system collapses ans they lose it all. But they soon find out that they aren't only victims of the country's economic collapse, they have been scammed by an unscrupulous lawyer and bank manager who were posed to take advantage of the situation. In a twist on the heist film, this small town group of everymen and women band together and puts a plan in action to recover what's rightfully theirs.



No need to RSVP. Please check in at 7:30 pm every Monday for the latest video link. Enjoy from your home.

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