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Switching this event up to let everyone in from the wait list and to lighten the menu. We don't want to go to the bwnn full or tired. Time was changed to 8:00 pm. We'll head to the bwnn around 10:00 pm. Please bring along a light snack and a beverage or bottle to share.

Please read over the following safety policies before RSVP'ing.

1) Change your RSVP if you are unable to attend. The home parties are limited to 14 to 20 members and there are usually people on the waiting list. "No-show" members will not be allowed to attend future home parties.

2) New members must introduce themselves to an organizer or an event host at a public event before attending a private party.

3) Only an organizer can email the attendees the event host's address. You will receive it the morning of the party. Please do not share the address with anyone privately or in the conversation box.


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