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Learning !!!...Reading !!!...that too self-help books!!! Can sound exciting to some while exhausting to others? If its exciting for you, then no doubt LAYR is just the place for you to enhance your learnings and share them with others. But if its exhausting for you, some of the possible reasons for it are:

1) Urge to apply everything suggested in the book all at once

2) Focus on understanding the theory from the book alone and forget to apply them

3) Find it difficult to understand or relate to the theory itself

How LAYR makes reading self-help books exciting?

· It helps you overcome different forms of resistance to initiate the habit of reading books

· It helps you dedicate 2 hours of time for reading

· It simplifies the theory given in the book with discussions from our day to day life

· It encourages application of the theory after understanding and sharing experiences with others

How is LAYR different from other book reading clubs?

· It reads the books ‘actually’ rather than just review them in the name of reading

· The slow and steady pace helps sink the learnings deeper into our minds

· It doesn’t require any prior reading of the book

· It doesn’t require the participant to have a copy of the book

· Each event is independent of the other in learning, facilitating flexibility if you are unable to make it for an event here or there.

What does a typical LAYR event looks like?

A book is read completely sentence by sentence (mostly by the facilitator of the event), pausing on and off to reflect on examples from our lives related to the topic under discussion.

LAYR facilitates a non-judgemental interactive session to learn from one another’s experiences. It also encourages all the participants to openly share their perspectives with the group unlike a lecture where only one person shares his/her views with others.

Overall, LAYR makes reading of self-help books informal and fun-filled, while changing lives at the same time, with an added advantage of socializing with people from different backgrounds.

Who should attend?

· Avid readers who are looking for opportunity to learn more and share their thoughts

· Newbie readers who are looking for help to develop the habit of reading self-help books regularly

· Everyone interested in self-development, with or without the interest in reading books

· Everyone above 14+ years of age, from any cultural, geographic or professional background are welcome to attend LAYR events

· Everyone with an open-mind and willingness to improve

Why should one attend?

We all are living in a competitive world of stress these days, be it at work, home; with friends, relatives, neighbours; or due to society, politics, pollution etc. Problems may be different but solution is one, and that is, emotional balance. If you wish to explore your deeper self or improve the quality of your life and your surroundings, Learn As You Read can help you derive the answers for yourself. As it focuses on how reading books can help us grow stronger and independent emotionally, for emotional stress is one of the major cause of all our problems and diseases.

So, Welcome Aboard... ;)

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The Book 'Mindset' By Carol Dweck

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