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What we’re about

Learn As You Read (LAYR) is a one-of-a-kind self-help book reading club.

What LAYR is not?

• a book club that reviews one whole book in just an hour

• about how fast you finish reading a book

about how much you can quote from a book

What LAYR is?

• a multi-week book meetup that spends time in reading, discussing, learning & most importantly applying the contents of the book

• about slow reading for maximum retention of information

• about how much you can live the book in real life

How does LAYR work?

• We, the self-help read-learners, meet weekly to read a chapter of the chosen book together

• We pause intermittently to discuss the content read, relating it to our own life experiences and sharing them with others in a safe, non-judgmental environment

• We take the learnings back home with us and apply them throughout the week and discuss our successes and challenges the following meetup, before continuing to read and learn from the next chapter of the book

About the organizer:

• LAYR was founded by Shweta Jain in 2014 as an offline meetup in Mumbai

• Shweta was working as a full-time Biotechnologist and a part-time Yoga Instructor and Life-skills trainer, until in 2016 she quit her well-paid job to dedicate her full-time to her passion to teach and spread awareness about ways to take care of our body, as well as our mind through Yoga & Mindfulness practices

• Shweta is passionate about self-help books and applying the teachings into her life, which has helped her become the stronger person she is with better control over her life, emotions and behavior and she wishes the same gift with others through LAYR

• Her passion, empathy, non-judgmental attitude and great communication skills are some of the qualities as a facilitator that are most liked by the participants of LAYR

So, just hop on and join us in this fun-filled journey of living yet another book!!!