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JavaScript Meetup

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JavaScript Meetup


18:30 Socializing, food, drinks
19:00 Welcome

[30min] Jan van Brügge (Cycle.js Core Team) – Promise considered harmful

Promises were celebrated as the end of callback hell - and to a certain extend they are. But the design of the Promise is deeply flawed. Even worse: It is becoming the base of every new Browser API. I will show you the issues of the Promise and what you can do to avoid them.

[30min] Maya Lekova (Google V8 Team) – What awaits you in async programming?

This talk guides you through the world of asynchronous programming in JavaScript, more specifically the async/await paradigm. First, we'll compare async/await to other similarly-purposed paradigms. We'll then cover current browser support and performance implications of async/await, as well as a recent optimization done in V8 and how this affects the everyday work of web developers. We’ll finish with advice on how every JavaScript developer can get involved with standardization efforts and as a result, help to shape the future of the language.

[15min] Break – Socializing, drinks

[30min] Szmozsánszky István aka. Flaki (Mozilla Tech Speaker) – Approaching the JavaScript Singularity

Developers are quick to complain about "JavaScript Fatigue", the perceived high volatility of libraries, tooling and the JavaScript language itself — yet very few look at these changes and additions as a whole. In this talk I will take some of JavaScript's new features with the biggest transformative potential (ES Modules, WebAssembly, the DOM-Node.js API convergence), and I try to showcase what they mean for web development and how, when used together, they are able to address various hurdles and complaints that have been plaguing Node.js & web development for a long time.

Location and food sponsored by AG.

Georg-Muche-Str. 3 · 80807 Munich
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