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We meet at an interesting venue where conversation topics are offered by interesting exhibits or perhaps the venue itself. We can mingle while sharing our insights, opinions, questions (rhetorical and otherwise) and perspectives while exposing ourselves to new ideas and new interesting people.

This meet up is for curious life long learners with a secular mind set,but not exclusively for atheist or agnostics. However, this is a group intended for those who believe the Bible is NOT a science book.

If there is enough interest, arrangements for guided tours could be made. Of course that will require upfront and perhaps non-refundable payment to cover the cost. If interested, please feel free to suggest in discussions.

Members are encouraged to post suggestions for museums to visit in 'Discussions'. Preference will be given to the less well known (though not necessarily obscure) museums in NYC, especially those with exhibits that challenge the views of the groups members.

Hope to see you all soon!


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New York Botanical Garden - Yayoi Kusama’s Epic ‘Cosmic Nature’

New York Botanical Garden

PLEASE NOTE - THIS EVENT IS IN **202_1_** NOT THIS COMING JUNE I've decided to postpone this event until next year for two reasons: 1) The KUSAMA-Cosmic Nature event has been postponed until next year - so it only makes sense to reschedule for that time. 2) It's too close to the reopening of the NYBG. I'd rather wait until after NYC has reopened awhile before organizing any events. If someone got sick shortly afterwards it would likely way too heavily on my conscience. I'd rather not have that kind of stress. I'll see what we can do in July - perhaps a meetup at NYBG. It's outdoors and spacious, so it might be the perfect fit for the situation. PLEASE DISREGARD THAT THIS IS NOW AN ONLINE EVENT: Meetup.com keeps rejecting NYBG as a location despite the website providing it themselves. It likely intentional to force all events to be online. Stay well everyone!! Here's some Information from the NYBG website: https://www.nybg.org/visit/coronavirus_information/ KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature—our multisensory presentation of Yayoi Kusama’s profound connection with the natural world—originally planned for 2020, has been rescheduled for spring–fall 2021. More information is available at nybg.org/kusama Suspension of all in-person events, on-site programs and classes, and exhibitions has been extended through May 31. Original Event Description Some folks have expressed interest in NYBG. I think this exhibit is up our alley. Event write up: https://secretnyc.co/yayoi-kusama-new-york-botanical-garden-exhibit-spring-2020/ NY Botanical Garden Webpage: https://www.nybg.org/ Please be advised - According to Google Maps, it's approximately a one hour trip from NY Penn Station via mass transit. This is just a 'save the date' - Stay tuned for more details.

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Ayn Rand on Broadway

West 49th Street & Broadway

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