What we're about

If you are interested in mushroom cultivation, whether a novice or experienced, you've found your group.

Our members are growing mushrooms at home. We are here for the community as well as for our members.

Don't have a background in science?
No problem!
It's a pretty easy hobby once you begin.

You may very well find member's mushrooms for sale at farmer's markets and around town.

Come and join us to learn mushroom cultivation of all kinds, and perhaps join us on an occasional wild mushroom foray into the mountains after the summer monsoon rains.

I'd like to set up a small cooperative lab to store and expand mushroom cultures that our group members could grow out, year round.

Don't worry if you're inexperienced, it's not all that difficult to begin. I've had great success growing mushrooms here in the desert. Think mushroom production and deserts don't go together? It's one of the most water efficient crops around! In fact, it's probably the most water efficient crop found growing in a desert climate.

We will occasionally include some fermented food production classes covering traditionals such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha etc..
We'll also have some invited speakers come and present, and we'll mess around with an occasional lab and class on bacteria, and even bacterial art.

Our goal is to have you producing all these foods at home using low tech and very affordable methods.

You'll find beginners and seasoned growers at our meetings, and yes, even the occasional mushroom growing ninja. It's a low stress and very relaxing hobby that could easily be turned into a commercial business, if one desired.

We began in Tucson, and now were coming for you Phoenix to spread the gospel of mushroom cultivation!

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