NDev 35: Take Back Control with Event Driven Code

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Bitters Pub & Restaurant

Feild Hall 216 Prince Philip Drive · St. John's, NL

How to find us

We'll be near the large TV in the hardwood section opposite the bar.

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Hey Folks!

This month we're featuring a talk lovingly put together by Dr. Theodore Norvell of MUN's Computer Engineering Faculty. Dr. Norvell has been experimenting lately with event driven design and wanted to share his thoughts. See the abstract below!

Title: Take Back Control (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Event Driven Code)

A lot of what we do is event-driven: user interfaces process events from users; servers process events from clients; clients process events from servers. The usual way of dealing with event-driven code is "inversion of control", which essentially means we are implementing a state machine. Inversion of control often leads to messy code that is hard to understand and modify.

This talk presents an alternative to inversion of control and a library called Take Back Control. The library lets us write event-driven code according to the principles of structured programming. The library can be used from languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Haxe.

Thanks to Dr. Norvell for putting together a talk, to Bitters for hosting, and for all of you for your continual support!

As always feel free to hang around after the talk to discuss, chat, network, and have some food or drink!

See you there!
- Mike & Scott