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NDev 26 - An Intro to Python, the Pythonic Way!
Hey Folks! Mike here, I hope you're all geared up for another meetup! This month we're going to be meeting in a new space! Verafin has kindly offered to host this month's meetup, and to provide the pizza. So a huge shout out and thank you go to Verafin! This month I'll be giving a talk about the Python Programming Language, what my Python development environment is like, and how to write more pythonic Python. I've been wanting to give a talk like this for a while, but never got around to it. This month, a number of things conspired to make it such that now is a great time for such a talk, so here it is! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Intro to Python, the Pythonic Way! When I first started writing python, I came at it from the point of view of a C or C++ developer. I wrote bad, poorly performing, hard to read, hard to maintain code. I was getting in my own way all the time. Eventually, after initially resisting the language, I learned how to write more and more idiomatic (or pythonic) code and life became easier. My code was clearer, performed better, and gosh darn it, I even thought some of it might be beautiful. The goal of this talk is to help others learn how to get out of their own way, and to write beautiful, pythonic code. This talk is for everyone who'd like to improve their python skills; from the novice to the more advanced python developer, hopefully there's some nuggets here that can help everyone. I'll start by giving a brief description of the language, and what exactly do I mean by "pythonic". Then, we'll get into some simple patterns and rules of thumb to help you write more pythonic code. Next, I'll go through how I like to set up my environment, and some tools that I find useful. Finally, I'll open the floor for a good Q&A and discussion. Hopefully by the end of the talk you'll love Python as much as I do, or at least have a greater appreciation for the language and feel confident calling yourself a Pythonista! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, please RSVP, tell your friends, and join us on slack at I hope to see you there, Mike

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