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.NET Stammtisch #8 - .NET Summer Event with the .NET Team from Microsoft

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Gergely K.
.NET Stammtisch #8 - .NET Summer Event with the .NET Team from Microsoft


Food and drinks sponsored by STIWA Group - thanks for the support!

This time all our speakers are engineers from Microsoft and they work on .NET/Mono.

All talks will be in English.

Schedule (Just for orientation, we may change it)

17:30 - Start
17:30 - 17:45: Intro & Sponsor
17:45 - 18:20: Bernhard Urban - Adventures with Mono Runtime on Mobile Platforms
18:20 - 18:55: Alexander Köplinger - .NET 5 - Future of .NET on Mobile
18:55 - 19:30: Break with Pizza and Beer
19:30 - 20:05: Karel Zikmund - War stories from .NET team
20:05 - 20:40: Viktor Hofer - .NET BCL - Testing at Scale
20:40 - 21:40: Panel discussion

🙍‍♂️Bernhard Urban - VM hacker for 6 years, 3 of them at Microsoft.
📣Talk Title: Adventures with Mono Runtime on Mobile Platforms
Abstract: The Mono Runtime powers the Xamarin platform bringing .NET to everyone. Learn about what makes platforms like Android and iOS different than Desktop from a perspective of a .NET runtime.

🙍‍♂️Viktor Hofer - In love with #dotnet, passionate developer in the .NET BCL team with focus on Infrastructure.
📣Talk Title: .NET BCL - Testing at Scale
Abstract: An exploration of Continuous Testing at Scale with focus on the .NET BCL team.

🙍‍♂️Alexander Köplinger - Open source developer on the Mono team, focused on bringing .NET to mobile devices.
📣Talk Title: .NET 5 - Future of .NET on Mobile
Abstract: Learn what’s going on with .NET 5 and how it affects both .NET and Xamarin developers. We’ll take a look at where we are today and what the plans are for the next generation of .NET developers.

🙍‍♂️Karel Zikmund
· Started as developer on Runtime/CLR components (7 years).
· Manager of reliability and performance team (incl. Quick Response Team) (3 years).
· Manager of .NET Native toolchain team (1 year).
· Now in the roles of community manager of CoreFX repo and manager of a few CoreFX/BCL areas like Networking (3 years).
📣Talk title: War stories from .NET team
Abstract: Expect deep dive into a few interesting investigations we faced on .NET team in the last decade.
War stories about:
• Investigations spanning years,
• Dormant bugs coming to life after a decade,
• Root-causes leading to surprising places,
• How we rooted-cause problems with minimal information available,
• Shocking impact of bugs on real world.
We will also cover:
• Root-causing HW bugs (avoid the one-machine problem),
• The value and art of minimal repro,
• Innovation and compatibility - the age-old rivals.

Entrance Tabakfabrik:
Peter-Behrens-Platz 10 · Linz, In
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