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What we’re about

While there are many writer's groups out there NOVEL IDEAS seek to encourage, support, and nurture authors through the rigorous and sometimes daunting process of writing a book. The easiest thing one can do is to decide to write a novel. The hardest thing one can do is garnering enough discipline to see their dream through. While we look to make this a fun and engaging experience for authors, we are very serious writers who are determined to realize our dreams of seeing our manuscripts to completion and typing those glorious two words, "The End." Our goal is to help one another along the journey to becoming published authors by providing respectful critique, honest opinions, and resources, that will hopefully add a spit-shine to various creative works.

You are right for NOVEL IDEAS if you have or are working on a manuscript and would like to share your progress with others as well as getting helpful feedback, ideas, and suggestions. You are right for NOVEL IDEAS if you are trudging along in your process and just need affirmation that you are on the right track. You are right for NOVEL IDEAS if you are willing to dedicate your time, give your opinions, honest critique, and creative input in helping to assist your fellow group members in producing the best finished products possible.

You will have ten minutes to present your book chapter by chapter. You will receive five minutes of verbal critique and a written critique sheet from each author in attendance. If you are open to doing so, based on the critique/ideas of the group, you may revise your chapter and reread it at the next meetup, or you may choose to proceed with your next chapter. I am of the belief that constructive criticism is helpful in myriad ways and that all ideas and/or suggestions should be given value.

Unfortunately NOVEL IDEAS has a capacity of ten people as we rent space and are limited to three hours. Our desire is to make sure that all members of the group writings are heard and that he/she receives equal amount of support and constructive feedback. We are an all-inclusive group. All genres are welcomed.