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Hi! We are a student body in NUS dedicated to spreading hacker culture in Singapore. We organize weekly talks conducted by software engineers and students for all members of NUS and the public, our own hackathon, conduct training workshops, amongst others. Do feel free to drop by or contact us at coreteam@nushackers.org!

Follow us on Telegram at @nushackers (https://t.me/nushackers), or visit our website at https://www.nushackers.org/. (https://www.nushackers.org/)

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Hackerschool: Intro to Haskell

Online event

Sign-up link: http://bit.ly/intro-to-haskell ** Zoom link will be sent to registrants at the sign up link closer to the date The lazy, functional language, Miranda was released during 1985, which gathered interest. However it was proprietary and after FPCA ’87, there was a movement to form a committee to define an open standard for such languages. Haskell 1.0 emerged a few years after in 1990, has been in active development since (GHC 9.0.1-alpha1 released https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/ghc-devs/2020-September/019286.html). Many modern languages nowadays bear some similarity to Haskell. Python recently included type signatures, Javascript has currying support, pattern matching, many of which we can see in Haskell. Many languages (Racket, Scala, Rust, Kotlin, OCaml, …) support functional programming as well. To understand why these are useful, we will explore 2 areas which Haskell excels at: types and functional programming. This session aims to expose participants to new tools and abstractions they can use to tame complexity and gain confidence in their programs, to offer a different perspective on why learning these can be useful. **Basic knowledge in programming is required. Resources will be distributed for setting up the environment prior to the event. Speaker profile: Noel is a 2nd year undergraduate in Computer Science. He enjoys writing elegant and composable code in functional languages.

Hacker Tools: LaTeX

Needs a location

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEI3ubP7D7j5eYk0d9LLyCniHFFe4Rvd6qXYujgG4Pw8yWHw/viewform This week, we’ll be introducing the well-known LaTeX document preparation system used widely across fields to prepare high-quality documents, papers, notes, journals, books, slides, cheatsheets, resumes, and so on. Come learn this invaluable tool that will let you create beautiful documents and impress your readers. Please have TeX and TeXstudio installed before the workshop. You can install either MiKTeX or TeX Live, depending on your OS. If in doubt: - On Windows, MiKTeX is easier to install: https://miktex.org/download#win - On Linux, install TeX Live using your package manager. - On macOS, install MacTeX, a version of TeX Live for macOS: http://tug.org/mactex/ TeXstudio: - On Windows and macOS: https://www.texstudio.org/#download - On Linux, install TeXstudio using your package manager. For security and safety reasons, the Zoom link will not be published publicly. Please register at the following link to attend this workshop: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEI3ubP7D7j5eYk0d9LLyCniHFFe4Rvd6qXYujgG4Pw8yWHw/viewform This workshop is largely based on the Missing Semester of Your CS Education lecture series conducted in MIT. This week’s topic is our own addition, not based on any topic in the original series.

Hackerschool: Advanced Git

Online event

Sign-up link: http://bit.ly/hs-advanced-git ** Zoom link will be sent to registrants at the sign up link closer to the date Git is a very well-known and widely-used distributed version control system with a simple graph-based model. If you are already proficient with the basic usage of Git, come take your knowledge a few steps further. Learn how to fix and clean up any commit history, no matter how messy it is; how to restore lost commits; how to purge unintentionally-commited files (e.g. secrets) completely from a repository; how to include other Git repositories in a repository; how to work with multiple branches simultaneously; and finally look into the on-disk format, or in other words, the contents of the .git directory. Please ensure you can use the actual Git tool on the command line. Wrappers and GUIs will not suffice for this workshop. **Basic Git command-line knowledge, at least to the level of Hackerschool: Introduction to Git, is required and will be assumed.

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Hackerschool: Introduction to Docker

Online event

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