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What is NVC-practice about? It's about choosing words that are more conducive to peace and fun - for ourselves and the people in our lives. It's about perfecting our ''giraffe'' language, i.e. Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the course of his work with the international Center for NVC founded some 50 years ago! It's about contributing to the critical mass of people around the world, regardless of affiliation, who want a more empowering future for themselves and their children.

Who should attend? Anyone wanting more ease and connection with loved ones - partners, children, parents, friends alike. Anyone wanting more efficient and ''real'' talk at work. Some of us naturally express ourselves with compassion and authenticity. Many of us, if not most, need a little help - although more and more research on the brain confirms that human beings are naturally wired for compassion. Come and find out what might have happened on the way!

Why should you come? To learn new ways to express more confidently what's alive for you, while being gentle with the other person; to listen deeply to your own, as well as the other person's needs;
to come up with more truly life-serving strategies for action and interaction.

What to expect? There is always an opening circle and a closing circle of some 10 minutes each in a typical two-hour meeting. What happens in between is empathic conversation, the content of which is determined by what's most alive in whoever chooses to express at that moment. There will always be support for your individual path on the way to well-being, in the interactive, emotionally-safe and hands-on mode.

What is expected? There is no prerequisite, no registering from meeting to meeting, no active participation needed (save coming, even if you are later - just sit right in, make yourself at home ... and absorb!), neither cost (save for a voluntary contribution of $5). Participants enjoy the non-judgmental and doubly confidential environment.

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