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The NWVDNUG is a environment for .NET developers and IT professionals building real-world solutions using the Microsoft.NET platform in the North-West portion of the Valley of the Sun.

We will provide the opportunity for members to share knowledge and have technical discussions with other local community members and industry recognized leaders.

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[Virtual] Combined Holiday Event -- Lightning Talks

Online event

Once again, the valley's two .NET User Groups are combining for a special December event, this time featuring YOU (and maybe a surprise guest or two)! We will be getting together for an evening of Lightning Talks, 5-10 minute talks on any topic the speaker is passionate about and is of interest to .NET developers. We've already got a number of great talks lined-up but we'd love to have more. You'll find the details below on how to submit. We encourage everyone, especially 1st time speakers, to give a Lightning talk on a topic you are passionate about. If you're interested in (or even just thinking about) giving a Lightning Talk please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/SM23pFxMsyNnX5mW6 so we can gauge interest. You can also let us know if you'd like to discuss your topic with one of the organizers. Ideas for Lightning Talks: * An interesting design pattern to use * A tool or technology you should know about * An Open-Source Project you should use or contribute to * A cool thing I did recently * How and why I use a tool, pattern or technology differently (even slightly) from some others * Why I think this pattern, tool or technology is over or under utilized and what to do about it * What people forget or need to know about a technology, tool or pattern The FAQs: Q: Do I have to give a talk to attend? A: No, anyone is welcome to attend. We'd just love to have as many different speakers as we can to keep things fresh and interesting. Q: What if my talk is too short? A: No big deal. If you find that you've run out of things to say after just a few minutes, there will likely be questions from the audience. Otherwise, we'll just move on to the next speaker. Q: What if my talk is too long? A: We hope you'll practice your talk at least a bit to try and get a feel for how long it will take, and try to cut out everything extraneous so you can keep your talk under 10 min. We'll be as flexible as we can, but to give everyone a chance to speak we'll bring out the hook (without judgement) after 12 minutes. Q: What if I'm nervous about speaking? A: It is normal to get a little nervous when giving a talk. Fortunately, we are a friendly, supportive environment and are always willing to share feedback both before and after your talk.

[Virtual] AWS Cloud for .NET Developers with Amit Jha

Online event

In this talk we'll explore the typical .NET application migration & modernization journey on AWS and also learn about available DevSecOps tools and services. Finally, we'll learn about how some customers are innovating further by leveraging AWS Platform features & Services in their .NET Applications. This talk is designed for Microsoft developers/architects/development leads who are building or looking to build .NET applications on AWS. We'll discuss .NET on AWS tools and the .NET integration story for several AWS Services (Lambda, EC2, Containers etc.). Amit works as Developer Advocate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has 20+ years of Industry experience. In his current role, Amit focuses on architecting on AWS, optimizing AWS environments and helping customers & partners with cloud adoption with special focus on Microsoft/.NET workloads. Prior to his current role, he served numerous roles at Microsoft for 11+ years helping large enterprise (Several Industry Verticals) with Cloud/Software architecture and development consulting.

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