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The NWVDNUG is a environment for .NET developers and IT professionals building real-world solutions using the Microsoft.NET platform in the North-West portion of the Valley of the Sun.

We will provide the opportunity for members to share knowledge and have technical discussions with other local community members and industry recognized leaders.

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Optimizing the ETL Development Process with BIML by Joshua Higginbotham

BIML has been around for a little over a decade now, but to some it’s still a mystery on what you can do with it. In this session, we will cover some basic utility scripts that we can use to maintain Database Schema that is constantly influx, generating simple ETL packages, and then building out a framework that will allow us to build a robust ETL framework for incremental data loads. Joshua Higginbotham is the Data Services Manager for Republic Bank and Trust based out of Louisville, KY. He’s worked in roles that include Software Development, ETL Development, and Database Administration. If you’d like to know more, please reach out to him via twitter @Codenamesql.

How Not to be the Best App No One Uses: Effective Onboarding for Fun & Profit

You've made a brilliant application - perhaps a new startup or a new major initiative within your enterprise. For it to be successful you need to get people from interested to effective before they lose interest. Without effective onboarding built into your app users will not stick with it long enough to discover the great features you've built. In this talk we'll dig into what it takes to design and optimize an effective onboarding process and equip you with a strategy for making incremental investments that can be fit into your development project. Kendall Miller is the CEO of Gibraltar Software, the developers of Loupe, VistaDB and Visual ReCode for .NET and Java developers. As a software engineer now running an international company, Kendall focuses on system scalability, usability and user experience. Before starting Gibraltar Software, Kendall worked for multiple startups leading their technology development from beginning through profitability. In each case he's focused on translating enterprise-level performance and capabilities down to smaller companies. Kendall has a B.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

From Zero to Automated Deployments in Less Than an Hour with Ryan Rousseau

Is deploying your application to production a chore? What about deploying to development or test environments? Those deployments are as important as, if not more than, production. Does your process involve a multi-page Word doc? Are you sure those steps are up to date? If you or your team has room for improvement in your build and deploy process, then this is the session for you. In this session, we'll configure a CI/CD pipeline for an existing application. We'll start with build scripts that can run on both developer machines and a build server. Then, we'll configure a build server to build our code and run tests. Finally, we'll wrap it up with configuring push-button deployments from development to production. Concepts covered: - Build Scripts (Cake/FAKE) - Continuous Integration / Build Automation Server (Appveyor/Azure DevOps) - Continuous Delivery / Deployment Automation Server (Octopus Deploy) Ryan works with some of Octopus Deploy's largest customers to help them be successful in their continuous delivery efforts. He is also active in the broader Octopus community answering questions in Slack, recording videos for the Ask Octopus series, and visiting conferences and user groups to speak about CI/CD and Octopus Deploy. Before joining the Customer Success team at Octopus, Ryan was a developer and happy Octopus Deploy user. He's always taken an interest in improving processes and automating tasks where possible. This naturally led him to CI/CD and a several phase project to improve his team's build and deploy pipeline. By the end, his team had a fully automated build and deploy process that integrated with our other tools through APIs. They even had recurring scheduled deployments to keep our test and demo environments up to date. Outside of developing and advocating, Ryan performs comedy around Dallas, belongs to two needy cats, and likes to travel to new places and sampling their vegan food.

Combined Holiday Special Event

Carvana Home Office

Please join the combined .NET User Groups for a special holiday event with a guest speaker you are not going to want to miss. More information is coming soon so hold the date and be ready to celebrate with us at Carvana in NW Tempe.

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