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The NWVDNUG is a environment for .NET developers and IT professionals building real-world solutions using the Microsoft.NET platform in the North-West portion of the Valley of the Sun.

We will provide the opportunity for members to share knowledge and have technical discussions with other local community members and industry recognized leaders.

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[Virtual] Mastering the Git Porcelain Commands

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When you get stuck, do you delete your .git folder and start over? Do you panic when you get into a detached head state? Do you commit only on master or consider branching an advanced topic? Have you ever vowed to switch careers because `git log` didn't show all of your commits? Use the best git commands to solve your exact scenario. Compare and contrast similar git commands using a Git Visualization tool created by the GitHub Electron team. Decide when to use the following porcelain commands: rebase vs merge, revert vs reset, log vs reflog, interactive rebase vs interactive add, bisect vs blame, and more! (Maybe we'll even cover git rerere - yes, that's an actual command). If there's time and interest, we'll look inside the .git folder at how git uses trees, blobs, and refs to create its directed acyclic graph. Sara Ford decided to take a year off to try academia, because hey, what could possibly happen in a year? 🤷‍♀️️Sara is teaching software engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obsipo. She is a former employee of Microsoft and GitHub and is a Distinguished Engineering Fellow at Mississippi State University. It's quite likely that Sara is the only person in the world to help start an open source project hosting site (CodePlex) at one company and help shut it down at another company (GitHub). She received her Masters degree in UX / Human Factors at San Jose State University to focus on improving the usability in developer tools. She is the author of two books on Visual Studio and has delivered numerous talks all over the world. Her life-long dream is to be a 97-year old weightlifter, so she can be featured on the local news.

[Virtual] Microservices -- The Easy Way is the Wrong Way

In the effort to be buzz-word compliant you get onboard and start making a microservice for nearly everything. You have learned that the only way to grow in this programming industry is to use microservices so you took a look at your codebase and started hacking away. Months later you pull your head out only to realize you have spent way too much time and money going the wrong direction from the start. In this presentation Sean will talk about pros and cons of microservices. You will learn when and how to get started creating microservices and when you absolutely under no uncertain terms should create them. When and how to tear apart existing applications to well defined services. Sean Whitesell - President of Tulsa .NET User Group Sean is an ASP Insider and Microsoft MVP. He has been the President of Tulsa .NET User Group since 2009, and a Cloud Architect with TokenEx. Sean has been programming and playing with electronics for over 20 years. He also has multiple black belts in martial arts.

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