Identity in ASP.NET Core by Ondrej Balas


Injecting custom code into authentication and authorization in ASP.NET has always been a chore. ASP.NET Identity is a library built to replace both ASP.NET Membership and Simple Membership, making it much easier to implement custom authentication and authorization without the need to rewrite core components. In this session we will go deep into the abstractions that ASP.NET Identity builds atop of and show how to take advantage of these hook points to implement a custom membership system.

Ondrej is the founder of several Michigan-based businesses including UseTech Design, a software design & development consulting firm that focuses on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Ondrej is also a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies, a writer for Visual Studio Magazine, and is very active in the US Midwest software development community. As a technologist and entrepreneur Ondrej works across a variety of industries including payment processing, manufacturing, ecommerce, legal support, and healthcare.