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monthly physics / astronomy (maybe cancelled, see details section for RSVP info) Sometimes this discussion group gets cancelled, so please RSVP here and with the link above and email him to receive updates [masked] led by Reuven Opher! Please plan on buying at least a tea or coffee. Monthly Physics / Astronomy: Topics discussed in the past: - How are planets, stars, you and me created in the Universe, when a simple Big Bang explosion creates nothing? - Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity: Why do clocks go slower and lengths get shorter in a moving train or rocket? - Einstein’s equation “E” is equal to “M” times “c” squared implies Fusion: Obtaining a limitless supply of energy from the oceans. - Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity: Matter curves Space–Time. - Einstein’s Models of the Universe. - Measuring the age of the Universe: How do we measure it? - Teleportation: According to Quantum Mechanics, information can be transmitted instantaneously from one place to another. How does it do it? - A Black Hole can become brighter then a hundred billion stars (in the form of a Quasar). How does a Black Hole do it? - Gamma Ray Bursts are brighter than the entire Universe when they explode. What are they? - The highest energy cosmic rays in the Universe have energies a million times greater than the highest energies at the largest accelerator on Earth. How are the cosmic rays accelerated? - What are Dark Energy and Dark Matter, which are not normal matter, have very peculiar properties, and comprise 95% of the matter of the Universe? - How can we talk about a Big Bang Creation that would have involved energies a million billion times greater than known physics at the largest accelerator on Earth? The discussion will be led by a PhD in physics from Harvard University. here's a statement from him. "My thesis advisor was Norman Ramsey, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1989. I was twenty years a Professor of Physics at the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel, and thirty years a Professor at the University of Sao Paulo."

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Meet other fans of Darwin and the Amateur Astronomers Association, to discuss the basic principles or latest insights, on evolution and science trending topics.

Evolution is one of the most beautiful and profound insights into the universe our species has, and it is to be joyously celebrated and observed: "Wonderful Life", as Steven Jay Gould said. The panoply of life, is as a wondrous a thing to observe for itself--rather than indulging in cosmic egocentrism--as the gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula.

We are interested in the subject of evolution, as a fact and the multivariate ways it influences and is manifested in our universe... scientifically, artistically, historically, philosophically, politically.

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