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Contribute to Sage open source (beginner-friendly)

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Ladies who would like to contribute to Sage open source software ( ) should attend this meetup, where we will:

a) Go through the process of reviewing patches submitted by other developers, reviewing one or two of them together.
b) Walk through how to submit a patch for a ticket like this one:
Several easy tickets have been selected for beginners to work on. More advanced python/cython programmers or those who can write patches to implement linear algebra/number theory functions should pick one of these to work on: (

This session will be beginner-friendly, but please COME PREPARED!

1) Request a trac account so you can submit and review patches.
Email sage-trac-account AT googlegroups DOT com with the following information:
your full name
preferred username
contact email
and reason for needing a trac account
You can view the ticket tracker here:
and the developer trac wiki here:

2) Install mercurial, a version control system written in python.
You can read this primer if you have not used it before:

3) ::optional:: Get up to speed on the development process by reading their documentation.