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Explore all foods fermented - sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, tempeh, nukazuke, and more. There's plenty of talk about wine & beer fermentation out there, but what all the other kinds of fermentation? Let's talk about process, taste what the city (and each other) have to offer, and learn about the culture and history behind the foods. Anyone who ferments food, knows the science of fermenting or wants to know more about fermenting foods is encouraged to join!

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FEBRUARY NYC FERMENTS MEETUP! Join us on ZOOM February 1, 2020 - 7:00 pm EST. Share in Fermentation ideas, techniques, questions, motivations, etc! This month is Chinese New Year - welcome to the year of the OX and celebrate ASIAN FERMENTS! Think of things like miso, koji, amazake, tamari, natto, kimchi, fish sauce, idly... Here are some websites to give you some inspiration: From Happy Bellyfish, a wonderful guide to not only Asian, but all sorts of International ferments that will send you down the rabbit hole of internet lookups to see what they are, how to make them, their health benefits - and if it is all too intimidating right now - look for them in local Asian markets and be inspired by some of their suggestions on how to use them! https://happybellyfish.com/best-fermented-foods-from-around-the-world/ From Series Eats, a piece titled, "Seriously Asian: The Magic of Miso Marination Recipe" explains different types of miso and uses in everyday cooking that will take you beyond mixing it with water to create soup: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/08/miso-marination-asian-marinades-beef-fish.html Then if you have time - check out this interview also from Series Eats (did I mention the rabbit hole that is the internet yet...) with Rich Shih, http://ourcookquest.com/ and clicking on the "Obsessed: A Man and His Mold" icon or click on the "Koji Alchemy" icon and listen to Jeremy Umansky's TED talk https://youtu.be/VrLV8XXaHn0 titled Adventures in the Koji Kingdom! Have fun!! Try something new... Go down a different path... Start with a new ingredient... Take a familiar ingredient to a fermented level that you have never done before... Join us at any level with your curiosity/questions or expertise- you will be amazed at how you fit into and enjoy the group! Get nerdy with us - and get ready to share in our enthusiasm! Wishing you all the best, NYC Ferments

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