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Explore all foods fermented - sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, tempeh, nukazuke, and more. There's plenty of talk about wine & beer fermentation out there, but what all the other kinds of fermentation? Let's talk about process, taste what the city (and each other) have to offer, and learn about the culture and history behind the foods. Anyone who ferments food, knows the science of fermenting or wants to know more about fermenting foods is encouraged to join!

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NYC FERMENTS December meetup!

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

Join NYC FERMENTS for our December meetup holiday party! Get festive this month - we are featuring PAIRINGS! Wine and cheese (or beer and cheese) are of course the familiar fermented pairings that everyone has done for ages... we are different! Put together a fermented pairing of your own and bring it to share! Maybe some of the fermented apple sauce you have leftover from last month will pair nicely with a gingery second ferment jun... Maybe you got obsessed with Ben's Kefir cheese (see web site discussion group for the link that he kindly posted there http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefir_cheese.html) and think its tangy creamy-ness would pair nicely with the hoppiness and malt character of a pilsner from Fifth Hammer's fine beer selection... Your pairings also don't have to be bar menu items - try sauerkraut with koji marinated porkbelly... Or maybe some sourdough pancakes with a kimchi spiked dipping sauce... How about some soaked grain Life-Changing crackers https://www.mynewroots.org/site/2014/07/the-life-changing-crackers/ with a shmear of chickpea miso... Be creative... Try something new... Go down a different path... Explore with a new ingredient and take it places it, and you, never knew it could go... The internet is full of rabbit holes for you to go down or take something you have heard about at one of our meetings and make it your own! Please note that we will also have a gift table (or maybe a grab bag) so if you have extra milk or water kefir grains; too many SCOBYs floating in your Kombucha jar; enough starter to fill a swimming pool; or maybe some koji to start someone down a miso discovery path - BRING IT ON! Also if you have some extra creations in the back of your fridge that you think people would enjoy or re-gift - like that jar of garlic fermented in honey or those preserved lemons... - put it in a jar with a ribbon and bring it along! Join us at any level with your curiosity or your expertise - you will be amazed at how you fit into and enjoy the group. Bring a friend or bring your pet SCOBY, jun, grains, or starter; bring an empty jar; get nerdy with us - and get ready to share in our enthusiasm! Looking forward to seeing you at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company! http://www.fifthhammerbrewing.com/ Address:[masked]th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101 Take the 7, G, E, or M train to Court Square and it's a short walk from there! With bubbly regards, NYC Ferments

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NYC FERMENTS November meetup!

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

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