NYC FERMENTS August meetup!


Join NYC FERMENTS for our August meetup! Bring on the FIZZ! Beat the summer heat with a cool refreshing FIZZ sensation!
Unless Ken has a secret recipe for how to make POP ROCKS out of koji, we are thinking of second fermented kombucha... Jun with an added punch... Let your Tepache get funky... Amazake with a kick...
Or suspend your bubbles in a super holey crumbed sourdough bread creation...

So instead of recipe ideas (although if you click further on these links, you will get to actual directions) - the links this month are more nerdy teaching moments on the some of the science behind where bubbles come from and second ferment techniques! Just because it is summer - doesn't mean we still can't learn something new! Explore and have fun:

From The Kombucha Hunter site - some tips on getting the biggest fizz:

From Yemoos Nourishing Cultures - water kefir tips:

Two sites on Amazake and Tepache because when I make these - they fizz!

And last but not least and close to my heart - from a lovely site called Virtuous Bread:

Join us at any level with either your curiosity or your expertise - you will be amazed at how you fit into and enjoy the group. Bring a friend or your pet scoby, jun or starter; bring an empty jar; get nerdy with us - and get ready to share in the enthusiasm!

Looking forward to seeing you at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company!

Address:[masked]th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101 Take the 7, G, E, or M train to Court Square and it's a short walk from there!

With bubbly regards,

NYC Ferments