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Problems in the healthcare industry
The US has one of the highest costs of healthcare and only mediocre outcome results... Clearly our healthcare system isn't working very well. Why not? Let's sit down together to brainstorm a list of problems in the healthcare industry in the US. The first half of the conversation will just be about brainstorming the list of problems... The second half (if people want to) will be for each person to propose solutions that may help solve those problems. HOMEWORK I encourage everyone to make "suggested" changes (in the upper right hand corner of google docs, change "editing" (the pencil icon) to "suggesting" to the following google doc before the meeting, to make contributions to the doc ahead of time. Someone asked in one of the groups whether people will get credit for ideas and whether there are plans to use the results of this dialogue for any future purposes to make improvements. I decided to answer that document in the google doc so it's answered for all people who contribute to the doc in the future. The doc with what I've pieced together so far based on my research and interviews/discussions with friends and family is here:

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Welcome to "NYC Socrates Café!"

Socrates Cafe groups are held all over the world - all groups are similar in many ways, but each is also unique in its own way. The purpose of this group is to bring together people who enjoy discussing philosophical ideas in a roundtable setting. The group focuses on a new topic each month and all members have a chance to share their ideas. At Socrates Cafe, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student - we all have brilliance to offer. Together we can contribute to building a deeper understanding of some of life's thornier questions.

The group will meet intermittently. Meeting place will very by event.

We will have open discussion, but we should do our best as a group to let everyone have a chance to speak - the introverts often have the most insightful comments but are the least likely to speak up in a group.

If you have any topic ideas, email them to the organizer at

Looking forward to sharing a community that supports 'the examined life'!

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