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What we’re about

This group is meant to be primarily for Support and Friends but has many other benefits such as exposure therapy, networking, social activities, book clubs, and much more. Our goal is “To be a holistic community that supports one another and helps each other bring out our strengths while having fun doing so.”

Group General Guidelines:
Do not exclude talking to anyone during meetup events. We are meant to be a welcoming and open group. If you see someone by themselves, try and get to know them a little, you don’t have to be friends but do acknowledge them and their presence. Try to challenge yourself and go beyond “hi”.

Be aware of people’s emotions. Whether it's nervousness or depression we could all use the Support of someone who cares even if it’s a stranger.

If you haven’t previously met someone at a Meetup event, it’s probably NOT a good idea to message them via Meetup messages.

We hope you enjoy our group and get the most from it. Welcome to the #1NYSSA Meetup group.