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The NYVR meetup is a community of people interested in the development and application of virtual reality technology. While immersive gaming is always on the agenda we are also interested in the business, social, and medical applications of VR. Whether you are a product developer, investor, entrepreneur or just someone interested in the rapid growth of this exciting technology, NYVR Meetup is the place to meet and connect with like minded people.

Please be advised that by attending any NYVR event and / or trying out any VR technology demo, you are indicating your agreement to the terms of the NYVR Waiver and Release of Liability Form.

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NYVR - June 2023

Glimpse office

I am pleased to announce the NYVR is going back to routine, in person events. Our next event will be the evening of June 13th and will be held in mid-town, NYC.

The event will feature the following speakers:

Jaye Moore is a Developer and Technical artist for the VR application called Immersed. Immersed is the best way to get things done no matter where you are. We empower users all around the world to immerse themselves and others into a portable, distraction-free workspace, giving them deeper focus and increased productivity.

Dror Goldberg is General Manager of the VR application called Foretell Reality. Foretell Reality is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform that enables authentic human interactions in immersive environments designed to facilitate communication, learning, and collaboration. Applications include therapy and support groups, soft skills development, and higher education.

Kevin Park is a Partner and Director of AR/VR and UX Design at ObjectivEye and a Professor of XR at NYIT and NYU. Kevin will be presenting a recent project which consisted of developing and piloting an innovative teaching approach for counselors-in-training using the Virtual and Real World Metaverse case studies.

Alex Coulombe is CEO of Agile Lens. Alex will be presenting recent work across the spectrum of live events and architecture

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