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I’m excited to announce our Education Focused meetup scheduled for Nov. 5th. Below please find a list of our demo’s/presenters. Also, please note, the deadline to RSVP is a bit early this time (close of business Nov 1st) so please RSVP early! 1) Jessica Ochoa Hendrix – Killer Snails Killer Snails creates games and experiences that inspire a love of science. Previously, we've developed projects with partners such as the American Museum of Natural History, the New York Hall of Science and Google. Our current project, BioDive, is an immersive virtual reality and digital hybrid experience where students are marine biologists studying the delicate ecosystems of venomous marine snails. 2) Warren Black – VR Quest VR Quest® introduces fully-immersive Virtual Reality to the teaching of gaming structures and strategies by the use of the projects within science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) and trans-disciplinary learning standards of Depth of Knowledge (DOK), Common Core, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), International Society for Technology and Education (ISTE) and the International Finance Corporation Sustainability Education Standards (IFC). 3) Nachum Ganor – SIY SIY - Speak it Yourself is a VR language acquisition program. Using immersive environments coupled with interactive elements, we help language students with the most difficult part of language learning, conversation. We'll be presenting and demoing our product. 4) Jeff Marshal – Ovation Ovation can be thought of as a simulator. The key purpose of a simulator is to enable someone to practice a virtual task with enough repetition that the actions required for success are instinctively applied during its real-world equivalent. Just as pilots use flight simulators to train for flights, so too should speakers use Ovation to train for speeches. Visit to learn more. 5) Sten Hallock - Aquinas “Aquinas Learning is a next generation corporate learning software company that uses a patented AI system to deliver training on the job, just in time. A key medium in their portfolio is their patented VR Microsimulations tool, which allows rapid creation of mobile 360 video experiences for learning.” 6) Jay Van Buren - Early Adopter Early Adopter (EA) has a history of creating innovative interactive products for the Education market. EA provides high-end web design, AR/VR software, services and solutions to education entities including its Augmented Reality software solution ChronoQuest timeline. 7) Will Roberts – Augmented Pictures Augmented Pictures is a small NYC based animation and immersive design studio, who creates artfully crafted story-worlds that both educate and entertain. Educating through story is our thing. We are on the pursuit to create culturally diverse experiences that bleed back into the physical world. Roberts current project, BHX1619, is an afro-cyberpunk adventure through shared realities. On your journey through virtual dreams and prosthetic memories, you will experience African and African American history like you’ve never seen it before. Will is currently an Oculus Launch Pad 2018 Fellow and is on a search for alpha play testers. BHX1619 is set to be released 2019. And finally, Amy Chen from the NYC Media Lab will be making an important announcement regarding the upcoming Verizon 5G Ed Tech Challenge. Details below. The Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge ($1 million funding opportunity) is a nationwide open call to find the best innovative, cutting-edge, creative education technologies that will transform middle school education. The application is open to nonprofit organizations and university faculty and student teams. Application Deadline: Friday, November 30th, 2018. Website: Video:


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