Graph Databases, RDF, and linked data

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In this talk Jesús Barrasa will explore how the two graph worlds of semantic technologies and graph databases relate by sharing insights from his 10 year experience working on both sides.

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09:00 PST (UTC - 8 hours)
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Adding explicit semantics to graph databases

There is a wall that separates the Graph Databases and the RDF & Semantics worlds. A significant portion of the bricks in this wall are made of misconceptions and assumptions that need to be clarified, and the reality is that analysts and vendors have historically failed to help in this task.

Even though both approaches have one big thing in common: THE GRAPH, there are significant differences like their underlying models, the engines that implement them, the semantic capabilities, the use cases where they are used...

Can they be compared in an objective manner? Are there possibilities of integration and cooperation between both?

We'll be using the #neo4j-online-meetup ( Slack channel for any questions. You can join our neo4j-users Slack Group by following this link:

Dr. Jesús Barrasa, Senior Field Engineer at Neo4j

Jesús Barrasa is a field engineer with Neo Technology based in London. He combines over 15 years of professional experience in consulting and professional services in the Information management space.

Prior to joining Neo Technology, Jesús worked at Ontology Systems for seven years where he got first hand experience with large graph DB deployments in many successful graph-based projects for major telecommunications companies all over the world.

Jesús holds a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the Politécnica University of Madrid, where he carried out his research on graph data modeling and Semantic Technologies.

Find him @barrasadv ( on Twitter

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