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Welcome to our world-wide Neo4j Online Meetup

In this Meetup we want to reach across borders and run online sessions for everyone around the world to join. Topics will range from data modeling and import to data science and data journalism. Sessions are hosted using YouTube Live on the Neo4j YouTube Channel (https://youtube.com/neo4j).

We will also run hands-on workshops for developing your own applications and training sessions. Feel free to propose other topics you're interested in.

Upcoming events (4+)

Training Series - Build A Routing Web Application

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Register: https://go.neo4j.com/WBR-230329-Training-Series---Routing-Application-DevRel_Registration2.html

Build A Routing Web Application With Neo4j, OpenStreetMap, and Leaflet.js

Learn how to work with geospatial data in the Neo4j graph database in this hands-on workshop. We'll start by covering the spatial types and functions available in the Cypher query language and Neo4j then move on to spatial search operations and routing with graph algorithms. We'll import data from OpenStreetMap and see how to use the Neo4j JavaScript driver to build a navigation web application to find routes between points of interest and addresses.
Some basic familiarity with Neo4j and Cypher is helpful, but not required. We will be using Python in a notebook environment to import our OpenStreetMap data and JavaScript/HTML to build our web map so some familiarity with Python and JavaScript will be helpful, but also not a strict requirement. If you don't have a local Python development environment we will have options for using a hosted notebook environment like Google's Colab or GitHub Codespaces (you may want to create a GitHub account if you don't have one yet to use Codespaces)

Neo4j Live: SchemaSmith for Data Governance

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Do you want to express your graph in easy-to-read YAML and push an easy button to automate scripts to build out your indexes and constraints? This tool will get you at least 67.8% of the way there!

SchemaSmith allows you to manage data in a centralized and scalable manner, and to ensure that data is properly structured and accessible.
We will show how SchemaSmith can be used to identify and fix issues in data models, as well as to track changes to the data over time.
Additionally, we will go over the benefits of using Neo4j and SchemaSmith for data governance and management.

Donovan Bergin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donovan-bergin/

Discovering Aura Free with Michael & Alexander

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We will run a new stream on Discovering Aura Free ( http://dev.neo4j.com/discover-aura )
During the stream we will:
• Pick a dataset
• Select a bunch of questions we want to answer and create a data model
• Import the data into an Aura Free instance
• Run some queries
If you have any datasets you find interesting to explore, please let us know. Also join us with your questions during the stream

When: Every other Monday 10:00 NYC / 15:00 London / 16:00 Berlin / 19:30 Mumbai

Going Meta - a series on graphs, semantics and knowledge Ep 15

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Episode 15 of Going Meta - a series on graphs, semantics and knowledge Jesús Barrasa: https://twitter.com/BarrasaDV
Repository: https://github.com/jbarrasa/goingmeta

Check out https://community.neo4j.com/ for questions and discussions around Neo4j

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Discovering Aura Free with Michael & Alexander

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