What we're about

To find out how an effective company aims for global success using advanced technology, join our meet up group to reach the world’s leading projects. To learn ambitious business models, the cutting-edge of technology and the superiority of investment.

What is TEAMZ?

A platform that provides key strategies and results for projects all over the world. The four components to our business include TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, (https://summit.teamz.co.jp/) TEAMZ STRATEGY, TEAMZ CHAINTALK, and TEAMZ CAPITAL. Our renowned comprehensive solutions give projects the internationalization, localization, media and financing they need for exponential growth.
We connects exceptional technology projects with top Investors from Japan, China, The United States, Europe and around the world.
About our summit:

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is held twice a year which gathers the top Blockchain companies from all over the world. This includes high-end projects, key International figures in the blockchain field, top investors, media channels and influencers. We capture interesting ideas, controversial topics, overall trends and future possibilities. With 5000 participants, the two-day event aims to share information, expand networks, and build lasting business alliances.

TEAMZ Website (https://www.teamz.co.jp/)

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Telegram: https://t.me/teamzinc





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